SAF takes a bow

by Sam Peoples

Amongst all the jubilant celebrations seen at Old Trafford after the fantastic result against Chelsea, SAF showed his dignity and his class in his reaction to the fans. The fans against Chelsea were fantastic and made the Theatre of Dreams a cauldron of noise every time a Chelsea player touched the ball.

In what is a role reversal, SAF bows down to the fans

I, and most fans, will agree that it should not be SAF that is bowing down. No superlative or description can accurately put down in words what SAF has done for Manchester United. When he won his first title in 1992, United had not one the First Division since 1966 and the blessed trio of Law, Charlton and Best graced Old Trafford. Since then, he has amassed 11 Premier League titles and 2 European cup successes whilst being on the verge of making it 12 and 3 respectfully. Back in 1994, SAF was told to come back when he had 18 League titles by Liverpool. If we manage a point at Blackburn next weekend, Liverpool will be well and truly be knocked off their perch!

Sir Alex Ferguson....the irreplaceable

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