Park Ji Sung in Charity match in Vietnam

by Sam Peoples

From left to right: Kim Jae-joong and Kim Jun-su, two members of the boy band JYJ, Park Ji-sung, former Korean national team member Yoo Sang-chul and actress Han Hye-jin. Photo: Chosen Ilbo

Park showed just why he has so much power in the Asian market as fans poured to see him take part in a Charity match in Vietnam. Alongside some of his friends, he has held the match in order to raise money for football development in Vietnam and is doing a lot to help a country that is still suffering the hangover of the 1960s war that left it devastated. Park also told the media of how best-friend and Manchester United compatriot Patrice Evra was supposed to come and play but that national duty stopped him from doing so. Good on you Patrice, show some love for Park and his causes!

The JS Friends’ team is made up of Park and former or current national teammates Park Chu-young, Lee Chung-yong, Ki Sung-Yueng, Lee Young-pyo and Jung Jo-gook. Hidetoshi Nakata and Daisuke Matsui of Japan and Li Weifeng of China also join the side, which will be coached by Yoo Sang-chul, a bulwark of the Korean national team from 1994 to 2005. They will face Navibank Saigon FC in Vietnam’s first league.


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