Evra the United spokesman – Timeline

by Sam Peoples

Evra has cemented himself as a fan's favourite over the years. Photo: Paul Ellis (Getty Images)

Patrice Evra has never been afraid to voice his opinion to the media and he has spoke out today about eyeing up title number 20 next season. I’ve always enjoyed his rants to the media because he revels in digs at Arsenal, so I fancied taking a look back at his timeline to see just how he promoted himself to become the United spokesman.


July 3 2011 Evra eyes title number 20; “We have won the Premier League 19 times but it does not lose its excitement.”

July 2 2011 Evra warns of a tough task ahead for David De Gea; “It’s never easy to replace a big keeper like Van der Sar and I’m a little bit sad that Edwin has retired, but De Gea is the future now.”

25 May 2011 Enticing his French compatriot Nasri to Old Trafford was his objective here; “So, ‘Petit Prince’, if you want to become King you know where you have to go.”

24 May 2011 Evra considered leaving United but SAF did what he does best and persuaded him to stay; “There were clubs interested like Real Madrid and Inter Milan but the manager visited me at my home to persuade me to stay.”

16 December 2010 He defends his words against Arsenal from the previous week; “I think Arsenal played really well, you shouldn’t neglect that but we were better. I really say that without any arrogance.”

10 December 2010 Evra takes a big dig at Arsenal’s trophy chances; “We could lose to them on the 13th but then what? There is nothing (for them), there will be no trophy, nothing.”

9 November 2010 It isn’t only Arsenal that have suffered verbal punishment from Patrice, with City the victims here; “If we beat City, it is a good result for Manchester United. It will be normal, but it will not be so special.”

21 October 2010 He got his voice heard during the Rooney contract saga of last year; “If one player in the team does not trust the others, he should not play in the team. For me, I trust everyone. I know we can win.”

29 August 2009 He went all out and took a swipe at all of our rivals in one swoop here; I think the difference between us and the other three of the so-called Big Four in England is that we are totally and utterly fixated by our major objective which is to win the title again and again.”

6 May 2009 My personal favourite here when Evra called Arsenal a bunch of babies after United beat Arsenal 4-1 on aggregate in the Champions League, something that got up every Arsenal fans skirt; “It was 11 men against 11 babies. We never doubted ourselves.”

9 October 2007 Even back in 2007 when Evra was only a relatively new United player he was taking digs at the Gunners, even when they were undefeated; “There is no doubt that Arsenal are a stronger side than they were last season, but I don’t think we will know about this team until they lose.”

6 August 2007 Apparently Evra said that he wouldn’t mind playing a midfield role, maybe he is the midfielder we are missing!; Playing as a midfielder gives the team an additional option, plus it increases my chances of starting. I did well because I’ve already played there for Monaco.”

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