Manchester United top UEFA football rankings

by Sam Peoples

United have won the coveted trophy on 3 occasions in 1968, 1999 and 2008. Photo:: Clive Mason (Getty Images)

Despite losing out on in the Champions League final to a better Barcelona side, we have come out atop the most recent update of co-efficient rankings. Based over a period of 5 years in which the total is calculated, Manchester United are sitting pretty with a 10,000 point gap over second placed Barcelona. This is unsurprising really; having reached 3 finals in 4 years, despite losing 2 of them, we have been the most consistent team in Europe over the past 5 years. Take into account two things from this Champions League campaign for example; the fact that going into the final we were the only undefeated team over the whole campaign and the fact that if it wasn’t for an unfortunate Michael Carrick mistake against Valencia in the last group match ┬áthis campaign, United would have became the first ever team to go through the group stages without conceding a goal, then you begin to realise the quality that United possessed in Europe. Take a look at the UEFA website to see how the score is properly calculated because if I am honest, I don’t really know how they do it.

Full rankings: UEFA

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