Fitness coach Tony Strudwick speaks on preparation for the matches ahead

by Sam Peoples

Nick Coppack took some time out on the tour to give a quick interview to Manchester United fitness coach Tony Strudwick, to gather some more information how United are shaping up in preparation not only for the up and coming tour but for the closely approaching new season as well. To see the video of the interview, follow the link at the bottom of the page:

Can you talk me through what has been happening since the players arrived back from their summer holidays?

Well, I think that they have a structure in place here that the first two days are a screening testing to establish where the players are at and where their weaknesses lie. It is not maximum testing as such but functional ones, like medical screens that Dr Steven [United doctor] enforces. We need to know where the players are at and the priority now is to get them fit for the first match of the season. Beyond that, we’re pretty much going straight into the football whereas in other years we have had a bit longer but our first game is 9 days in, so the priority was to expose the players to football and integrate within that some conditioning but much of that conditioning work is completed within a football environment. The classic pre-season of running up hills and doing four-to-eight mile runs is all out of the window. Now it’s all about working in a football environment and exposing players to football specific fitness.

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