Manchester United top Forbes list at $1.86 BILLION DOLLARS!

by Sam Peoples

In the most recent updating of the most valuable sports team in the Forbes Rich List, Manchester United have come out atop with an estimated worth of $1.86 billion. Growth has been exponential and ever-growing over the years and United are nearly over the $2 billion mark. The meteoric rise of Javier Hernandez will give United a new grasp on North American markets, considering he is the most popular football player over there due to the amount of Mexicans that dwell on their shores, and the continued super-celebrity status of Park Ji Sung holds United’s firm grip on the Asian market. The free spending summer this year might not smooth over the cracks of the debt that the Glazer family has ridden the club with but unfortunately, United will always continue to rise in value and they have no reason to offload their most valuable asset. As far as other football clubs were concerned, Real Madrid were the closest to United with a worth of $1.45 billion but Chelsea managed a dismal 46th spot despite the egocentric money-spinner that sits atop their pyramid of power. Exclusively, however, I have found a video of the Glazer family celebrating the news:

Malcom Glazer and his family share a laugh together

Full list: Forbes

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