Michael Carrick Q&A including video

by Sam Peoples

As part of the continuing coverage by Nick Coppack during the tour of America, Michael Carrick tonight sat down and answered some questions sent in by live web-chat from fans. Here’s the pick of the questions answered by Michael but there is also a link at the bottom if you want to see the full article (it is 12 pages long, so well worth the read)


Will you go into coaching or management when your career ends?
John Barcoe, Carlow, Ireland

It’s a hard one. At this stage I can’t see myself being a manager. You never know. Hopefully I’ve still got a good few years left – after that you never know. I started doing some coaching badges a year or two ago but haven’t got around to finishing them. I’m really interested in coaching – maybe not even at the top level, maybe Academy kids or in the youth team… It’s not such a long way off, although I’m trying to tell myself it is!


Who is the biggest loss to the squad – Edwin, Gary or Scholesy?
Peter Heffler, Hungary

That’s the hardest question so far. They all bring so much, but in different ways. Edwin’s experience, his calmness, the reliability – that was the main thing. Like any goalkeeper he made the odd mistake but generally he was world class. Scholesy was just brilliant – how he played the game, how he was off the pitch… he was loved by everyone. None of the lads have a bad word for him. He came in, did the business and then headed off again. He had genius ability that you can’t really teach. Gary… as well as being an incredible player for 10 or 15 years at that level, his influence off the pitch was massive. When I came he was the captain and he’d drive the high standards and keep players on their toes. People say he moans a lot but there was a reason he moaned – he wanted everybody to hit perfection. As a captain and off the pitch he was immense.


What’s your favourite United goal you’ve scored?
Vlatko Lazov, Macedonia

I don’t really have that many – I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to think about it! Maybe the first one against Roma. It was a big deal for us to start the game well. That was a big goal for me. The one against City at home in the Carling Cup semi-final was special. But probably my favourite one was Wigan away in 2009.


What is the best dressing room prank you’ve seen since you have been at United?
Karl Ballard, UK

Ooh, that’s tough. Maybe when someone cut Wes’s trainer up and then put it back together. I think they used a little saw or something. They literally halved it and then put it back together and then when he picked it up half of it just fell away. That was a good one. I have my suspicions that was Wazza who did that!


Everybody’s been talking about a potential move for Wesley Sneijder. Do the players take much notice of transfer speculation? Do you follow it?
Wayne Langley, UK

I think you follow it because it’s in the headlines but we don’t look too deeply at it. The club being like it is, we get linked with all sorts of players. We don’t get involved in the ins and outs of what’s going on. We just want to focus on our training and getting prepared. We trust the manager and the coaches to strengthen the squad. Whoever he brings in is going to do that. To get caught up in all the rumours… it doesn’t help things. Whoever comes in, comes in.



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