An interview with Wayne Rooney

by Sam Peoples



Wayne Rooney gave an interview to ESPN Soccernet and talked about his relationship with Hernandez, how he keeps himself motivated and what makes United such a special club. Below is the transcript of the interview.


Talk about your relationship with Chicharito. What does he do that compliments you?

I think we suit eachothers style of play. I enjoy playing a bit deeper off the centre forward and he likes making runs, which creates more space and the time for me on the ball to try and score or assist goals. He is a great player and a lovely person as well so he was a great addition to the team.

You’re 25 now and won everything. How do you keep motivated?

The feeling you get from winning trophies is incredible and the trophies I have won I put at the back of my mind. I will look back on them after I have retired but I always need to look forward to the next season and hopefully help the team win more trophies. It is something which this club believes into to.

Is winning a culture at United?

Of course. The demand is on all of us when we play as we are expected to win trophies and create more history for the club, so that is what we look to do. The manager has a great winning mentality that he installs in the players.

How important is the All-Star game and is it a matter of pride to beat them?

It is a matter of pride to beat any team. Every time I play whether it is a game in training or a competitive game, you want to win and I don’t like losing at all. It will be a tough game because they are mid-season and are all really fit but we will still go out there to win the game.

What’s the hardest thing about playing Barcelona?

They move the ball so quickly and you have to work really hard to get the ball off them. When you need to have the energy to take the ball forward as well, that is where it becomes tough. When we play them, we need to keep the ball much better than we have done previously.

What set’s United apart from other clubs?

The manager we’ve got has been here 25 years and when you look at other clubs who have had manager changes every 2 or 3 years, they have to start again but our manager has been here for such a long time, he knows what is best for the club and players and while he remains here, we will always be looking to win trophies.

What makes SAF such a good football manager?

He knows so much about football and has studied the game really well. If you ask him a question about the game, he will know the answer and his winning mentality is something I have never seen in another manager.

What other clubs do you worry about right now?

You can’t waste time and energy about other clubs as you have to concentrate on yourselves. We have made good signings and we are the champions and we want to defend that title. In Europe, we have been in 3 out of the last 4 finals so if we keep doing what we are doing, we know we will win trophies.

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