Lipton: United have made the best signings of the summer so far

by Sam Peoples

Now that the summer transfer season is fully underway, BT’s Life’s a Pitch panel has taken the time out to sit down and discuss the main talking points so far and have given particular praise to the movement made into Old Trafford this season. Martin Lipton of the Daily Mirror highlighted the strengths that most United fans see in the transfers made so far in so much that SAF is creating the foundations for a future team at Old Trafford, rather than simply plugging the holes created by retiring players this season.

“The one thing Sir Alex Ferguson has done is clearly improve from a position of strength. They won the Premier League title last year, they got to the Champions League final. He could have thought, ‘well that’s good enough, we can be better this year with what we’ve got, it was a transition season’. But no, he’s decided that ‘we need to improve markedly’ and he’s made strategic investment that clearly are long-term and beneficial for the team.”

Martin continues on to discuss just why the transfers have been beneficial and points towards the selflessness of SAF and how it has played a big part in these signings. He makes a great point that SAF cares so much for the club that he is looking to give it a secure future for when he isn’t there and I don’t think many managers have ever had such great forward thinking that they would be building for times when they are not there but such is the uniqueness of SAF. He continued and discussed each transfer individually:

“He has gone for a goalkeeper he would imagine would be there for the next 10 years in De Gea and he has got a centre half that has all the bearings of being an England centre half who has already built a working partnership with Chris Smalling, looking ahead to the post Ferdinand-Vidic era. Indeed, he is looking to the post-Fergie era and that is something which not many managers do, thinking  beyond themselves and about what they are leaving behind. In Ashley Young, who has clearly demonstrated his improvement over the last 12 months with Aston Villa and England, has lost the feel about him that he seemed to disappear in big games. He now seems to want to play in the real big games and the only player they haven’t got is the passer in the middle of midfield but I still think that Sneijder will end up at United next season.”


Take a look at the full 10 minute discussion in which they look at the Tevez saga, the situation with Liverpool’s squad and what is happening at Arsenal:


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