Sneijder: “I would say yes to United”

by Sam Peoples


Asked if he was keen on a move to Manchester United, Sneijder has now said: “Yes, but nobody has called officially. Maybe there have been unofficial talks.

‘The situation is that I’m an Inter player and there is a big chance that I’ll still be an Inter player at the 31st of August. There’s also a chance that I leave.’

The interviewer asks: ‘Does that have to do with you?’

Sneijder: ‘No, not really. That’s more because of the club. The club has been really clear: “If a good bid comes in, than we have to let him go. ‘They don’t want to loose me, but there is a chance that they’ll let me go.’

Interviewer: ‘Do you want to go?’

Sneijder: ‘I don’t know. That’s why I say, I’m an Inter player and the there is a big chance that I’ll still be at the 31st of August. And if something crosses my road, I have enough time to judge that and to take a decision about that.’

Interviewer: ‘We’re standing here now, but If Manchester calls and they want to have you, you would immediately say yes, won’t you?’

Sneijder: ‘Yes but Manchester hasn’t called officially.’

Interviewer: ‘And unofficially?’

Sneijder: ‘No, unofficially maybe’

Interviewer: ‘Have they also called you, I mean is there any contact?’

Sneijder: ‘There’s always contact. I have contact with everybody. You know that don’t you but there’s nothing going on right now, so.. I’m here now, and I’m going in now to the guys (Dutch national team) that I haven’t seen for a while now and I’m going to concentrate on that right now. Besides that, I’m an Inter player and I’m with the Dutch team now.’

In a recent interview, Wesley Sneijder has admitted that he would say yes to Manchester United  if they came calling in what is the clearest signal that he would like a move to United if the possibility is there. However, with the quickly rising stock of Tom Cleverley and SAF promoting Paul Pogba to a first squad place might mean that we will be replacing Scholes from within. As it stands, there are just under 3 weeks left in the transfer window. Will he move or won’t he move? The story continues.

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