New banners erected outside Old Trafford

by Sam Peoples

“19 times and that’s a fact”. Considering the moans and groans that many fans had with the team last season – be it the lacking midfield, the predictably unreliable away form or an apparently weak squad in comparison to other teams – United came out at the end of the season with their hands firmly on the English League trophy for a record 19th time, sending Liverpool down to second place in the all-time list. In commemoration, new banners have been erected outside Old Trafford to make sure the historic landmark is not overshadowed by any disappointment following the Champions League Final against Barcelona. I remember a time where winning the league was everything for a fan but in the times of the glitz and glamour of European football, it is hard for anyone to not hold that as their true aspirations of glory. 3 finals and 1 trophy in 4 years would be more than enough for any other team but not Manchester United, such is the ethos of the club. The winning mentality instilled by SAF is firmly engraved in the walls of the changing room and is evident every time you see United play until the final whistle, always looking for that extra yard toward the end of the match that has helped us become so famous for being so dangerous in the last 15 minutes of matches. This season has started no differently with Ashley Young‘s deflected cross in the 81st minute giving United a perfect start to the 20th Premier League campaign and with the squad shaping up very nicely, we hope that these banners will only last for 12 months and be replaced by a much more rounded and plump figure of 20.

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