Dalglish has meeting with Chief Referee…lynch him FA

by Sam Peoples

Photo: Jon Super (AP Photo)

Considering how quickly the FA are to punish SAF for speaking out about referees, I expect them to have a field day after reports confirmed that Liverpool manager Dalglish has taken things a step further, after he met with the Chief Referee at Melwood. Kenny Dalglish has this week had a meeting with Mike Riley, the Chief Referee of the Premier League¬†and said that he was “pleased with the amicable discussions” that took place. Piss off. Could you imagine the absolute uproar that would happen if SAF had a private meeting with Riley at Carrington? It just wouldn’t happen in the first place. No doubt this will be considered perfectly above board by the FA and nothing will come of it but it is just another case in point of the FA being nothing but hypocritical. Gill openly spoke out about the FA punishing United un-necessarily and this is just another prime example of another team getting away with something that United wouldn’t. Rant over.

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