SAF “I don’t think Chelsea are the biggest threat”

by Sam Peoples

Photo: Patricia De Melo Moreira (Getty Images)

SAF has given a press conference this morning ahead of the game against Chelsea on Sunday. This fixture will be United and Chelsea’s biggest test so far this season as both have made good starts to the season and SAF spoke about Andre Villas-Boas:

I think that the new coach Andre Villas-Boas has started very well for a young man. It is a hard challenge at his age but he seems to have acquired himself very well and his team has responded. When you get an immediate response from your players it helps. They are a team of great experience who are a great challenge to us.

When asked whether or not he considered Chelsea title contenders, he admitted that Chelsea will always be there-or-there-abouts in the Premier League but does not feel that they will be the strongest competitors this year, with rivals City ahead of them in SAF’s estimations:

I think that the publicity going towards Manchester City will be enjoyed by Chelsea. They are in the background and I think they will be enjoying that. They will be there at the end of the season, there is no doubt about that. but I don’t think Chelsea are the biggest threat.

SAF was also asked about whether he can remember when he started his career at Manchester United after coming from Aberdeen and asked how difficult he thinks it is going to be in the dressing room for Villas-Boas, considering that some players in his team are older than him:

I think that the similarities are when I came down from Aberdeen, I came after I had achieved something and that helped me. In the same way, Villas-Boas has won the double last year at Porto and that will no doubt help him. The achievement will stand him in good stead. After that, then the pressure that the players will get from him in terms of his knowledge and man management skills, that is the future but I think he has made a good start.

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