Will Suarez fuel the already lit fire this Thursday?

by Sam Peoples
The mask that Red Issue printed for the Liverpool game at Old Trafford

Rumours are circulating that Luis Suarez will be coming to Old Trafford this Thursday to watch Ajax take on United in the Europa League. Various sources have reported that Suarez will be in the stands to watch his old team-mates take on United.

Are you kidding me?

Luis Suarez and Liverpool issued joint “apologies” soon after Suarez, Dalglish and Liverpool had embarrassed themselves with their behaviour at Old Trafford but for an apology, it was as facetious as it gets. Neither Liverpool nor Suarez apologised directly to United or Evra for the incident. The apology was a public statement clearly aimed at protecting the Liverpool brand rather than accepting wrongs. Manchester United, regardless of this, wholeheartedly accepted the apology and cited that the history of the two clubs was far more important and that the situation needed to be put to bed.

So what is Suarez playing at again? According to the Daily Mail, an Ajax player has been quoted as saying “Luis still has a lot of friends at Ajax and sees no reason why he shouldn’t go to Old Trafford.” He may well still have friends at Ajax but there are plenty of reasons why he can’t come to Old Trafford.

United need to issue a warning to both Ajax and Suarez that attendance at the game will cause nothing but trouble. Crowd problems could definitely ensue if Suarez is spotted in the crowd and the last thing he deserves is attention, of any variety. We have to concentrate on the fixture at hand and don’t need the pantomime villain coming to try and put a spanner in the works, for that is quite probably the only reason that the bigoted Suarez would attend. He just simply wants to rile up United fans – and would be entirely successful if he did attend.

We have been far from convincing at home in any fixture in Europe this season (3-3 Basel, 2-2 Benfica and 2-0 Otelul) and even though we come in with a comfortable 2-0 away victory, complacency has viciously punished United on multiple occasions. To let it happen again would be a travesty.

As much as we are all disappointed that United aren’t competing in the Champions League this season, we can add a trophy to the cabinet that the boss hasn’t won before. What is wrong with that? If we can come out of this transition season with a double of the Premier League and Europa League, that would be an unbelievable achievement.


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