A Hazardous situation for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

The United boardroom look on as Hazard announces his transfer to Chelsea. Picture created by Olly @ Redcafe.com

Eden Hazard had the world waiting on his every breath. His twitter account became the football Mecca. Fans followed like sheep and waited for him to divulge where he wanted to go. They all took a sharp intake when they saw that Hazard would be announcing what team he was going to later in the evening. Would it be Manchester City, United or Chelsea? Alas, he chose to move to London.

It should be noted first and foremost, Hazard is as egotistical as they get. He is already a record breaker for the fact that he becomes the first football player to announce his transfer on a social media platform. All this attention hasn’t half put him in the limelight before he has even come to the Premier League. He has made his own job harder and for a small 21-year-old coming to the most physical league in the world, it may be his own downfall.

Fans have quickly pulled a U-turn on Eden Hazard and said that Shinji Kagawa is a better player. He isn’t. There is a reason that Hazard has won two Ligue 1 young player of the year awards and two Ligue 1 player of the year awards in the past four years. He really is one of the most talented youngsters on the planet right now, so Chelsea have snapped up a great prospect.

Take nothing away from Kagawa, last year I highlighted him as a potential signing, and I would still love to see the Asian play-maker plying his trade at Old Trafford, but he is not a potential world beater in the same class of Hazard.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise to United fans to see us missing out on a big name signing we all wanted. Nasri from 2011, Benzema from 2009, Ozil from 2010, Sanchez from 2011, Hazard from 2012 – they all spring to mind. United have lost their power in the market and cannot compete with wages due to the crippling debt the Glazers have slapped on the club.

The positive out of this Hazard scenario is the fact that we had a bid accepted for him and with fees of £30m touted for the Belgian, the money must be there to spend. Reports are rife that Kagawa is close to signing this week for an expected fee of £15-20m, and let’s hope they are true. United need to kick on from a lacklustre, trophy-less season, and do everything in their power to ensure that City don’t get comfortable.

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Sam Peoples 05/30/2012 - 15:23

General consensus: Kagawa to United, please.

C 05/30/2012 - 13:09

Only time will tell. We’ve seen big name players from other Leagues cowering in the EPL. Who knows? Eden would have been hazardous for Man Utd. Shinji styles of play fit well in a United formation. Big names are not what bring trophies; committed, dedicated players win glories. Teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelonia believe in nurturing young talents. The Messi, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo did not place money first and foremost; money sought them. I see Hazard stumbling and crumbling in the EPL. Why are today’s players so greedy. The love of money seems to be dampening the passion of this beautiful game. Football fans should begin to frown on those individuals, with no love for football, who want to invest in this game so loved by 90% of the world population. These guys are causing players to grow greedy. Man City had all the world class players, but could only barely scrape the Primier League Title by goal difference from a team marred by injury all season long. Commitment and Team Work make a gr8 team like Manchester United, not greedy, egotistical players. United to shine bright this season!!

manu of man U 05/30/2012 - 10:39

No choice, Kagawa is my buddy now!!!!!

Legend(Giggs) 05/30/2012 - 09:41

I am tired of hearing we cannot compete for big players, what we should be saying is we cannot compete for greedy players, Hazard agreed a deal with all 3 clubs but he went to Chelsea for money and remember United were not prepared to pay agents £6million, why should we pay Lille £35-40million, £6million to agents and pay Hazard £200,000 a week, its insane.
Nasri situation was the same, he agree £145,000 a week apparently but his agents wanted £4million and United refused. Dont make a mistake of thinking United cannot pay good salaries.
Remember guys, big name expensive signing dont always work out, Hazard may be hot in France but its not guarenteed he will do da same in EPL, look at Zlatan at Barca expensive with big reputation but he failed, look at Alexis at Barca, look at Berbatov at United, Shevechenko, Torres the list goes on. On the other hand, remember when Ronaldo left UTD we all wanted a world class replacement and Fergie bought an unknown winger in Antonio Valencia from Wigan but today Valencia is the best winger in England and probably the best in Europe, CR7 used to struggle against Ashley Cole but Valencia is tearing Cole apart always, dont underestimate the potential of Shinji Kagawa he may win Ballon’dor very soon, watch this space ! ! ! !

I am also sad we lost Hazard but if he chose Chelsea then so be it, Kagawa is an excellent signing and dont be fooled to think he is less talented than Hazard bcz of the media hype.
Hazard is a potential world beater i agree but we all know were world beaters end, Madrid or Barca. The same happened to CR7, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo e.t.c
The other thing we should consider is the boys attitude, which player in his right mind would chose a club without a coach, look at Torres, he was signed by Roman and promised game time but he warmed da bench but Hazard ignored all of that, that shows the boy is only interested in money than playing time as he claimed.

Another thing we should ask ourselves is if Fergie bought both Kagawa & Hazard, who was going to play no. 10 as a playmaker, what we need at United is a playmaker not wide players.
Shinji is more effective at no 10 and we have Nani, Young and Valencia for wide roles.


Young/Nani Kagawa Valencia

Carrick Cleverly

Evra Vidic Smalling Rafael

De Gea


Gentle 05/30/2012 - 08:38

Is kagawa a right or left footer

alukogu obioha 05/30/2012 - 04:00

i dont think hazard is better than kagawa. have spent all day watching both players on you tube. kagawa is more of what utd needs than hazard. he is more direct and precise while hazard is more skillful and holds on to d ball more. 2ndly, the competition in both the french league and bundesliga is not same wit the later being stronger. the above missed targets listed above like ozil, benzema etc havent done better than rooney or valencia. lastly, i know and blv that kagawa will have more impact in utd than hazard 4 chelsea. not forgetting the factor of player development which utd ve been known 4 over the years.

Shayne Lovelidge 05/29/2012 - 22:54

SAF is the bestest manager in the world but he also is the reason we were brought by the glaziers, he got gready over a poxy horse and this led to the major shareholder at the time deciding to sell his shares leading to the biggest joke in the world which is the glaziers borrowing money to buy us, now from a business point of view from them dirty crooks its a shrewd move, borrow money buy the richest most profitable club in the world and in 10 years time when there’s no more debt sell us to some rich arab for 2 billion, well let me tell u I’ve been preying they’d sell up every summer, I mean this is the only way now that well ever catch up with chelsea, city barca and real madrid because all these clubs have major backers, we all kno about the 2 english clubs but real madrid are backed by the spanish royal family where as barcelona earn as much as 120 million a season which real madrid do too from finishing in the top two.

United always spent a lot on certain players as in veron who lost us the league
Van nistlerooy
Berbatov who was a major let down
Rio ferdinand who lost us the league in 04 cos he did coke
Wayne rooney
So there are the players fergie spent a lot on and to be honest remember the summer where we spent big on anderson ( flop ) nani, hargreves ( major dissapointment as in sick note ) and tevez which we borrowed for 10 million so the glaziers as much as they’re hated do spend but not enough, we can’t compete as we did in the past because of the debt.
All this talk about eden hazard is just sour grapes cos were trying to console ourselves after losing out to the best talent of the summer AGAIN.
Last year was sneijder nasri modric and sanchez
We simply can only sign the left overs, chose what ever way u want to word it to make urselves feel better but the truth is that until we get brought out by some rich ppl were doomed, look at last season and the season before infact since we sold ronaldo and stupidly let tevez go we’ve been poor, that’s the truth, SAF has just been carrying us, rooney had a massive point in what he said when handing in a transfer request and what a slap in the face was that to us united fans, that was the reality check we all knew, ‘ were no longer the powerhouses of english football ‘ after selling ronaldo and letting tevez go rooney must of thought ‘ who the hell have we brung in to replace these two ‘ cos obertan and owen was a joke, what did owen do other then score the winner against city after rio decided to try lob craig bellamy the fool.

So us united fans must get used to not having 1st pickings anymore cos were poor, owen hargreves was the midfielder we needed so badly, even filling in right back position that rafeal is too poor too but when he got injured we lost a great roy keane like player.

The truth is last summer we needed to build again and fergie only brought a keeper a defender and an ashley young who only plays good against crap teams so until he goes and buys 5 players were doomed, futhermore how upsetting was it to see ravel morrison and paul pogba leave us after looking forward to seeing them two make the step up we all expected of them.

That’s down to fergie aswel, letting them get to the last year of they’re contract, next is fryers.

I’m not saying fergie has to go cos he’s the reason were where we are but surely he’s gotta tell the glaziers enoughs enough.

Jem 05/29/2012 - 22:50

If united spend 30/40/50 mill on a player are they “buying” the league? or is it only chelsea and city who do that. Why aren’t all these players rushing to united to play for free just to be part of the great tradition we keep hearing about? Why buy any players? Just bring a few home grown players through from your wonderful academy. No need for the great man united to “Buy” the league at all, tradition and good ole fashioned mud on boots guts is all you need. Pass me the bovril and boiled egg sandwichs please.

Ice cubes 05/29/2012 - 22:28

I am a manchester united fanwhat i want to say is, if you take a look at it, we were never going to get hazard, if you look at it this way, this hazard of a guy is just an attention seeking slob,
i have to admit though that i wanted him to come to utd but after he said “….
i like both red and blue..” and seeing reports that he was in it for the money
i knew i was wasting my time by hoping this little guy will go to the theatre of dreams.
if you ask me all that rubbish that his choice will “shift the balance of power in the EPL”
is completely outrageous and insulting to the premier league elite. take a look at last season
both in the EPL, city had all the agueros, yaya toures, the silvas, nasris etc all fit for most of the season but could only manage to scrape the title by goal difference to a utd side that had injuries concerns all through. Lets just wait and see what happens…

Sam Peoples 05/29/2012 - 22:16

I’ll repeat, I am a big fan of Kagawa and would love him to join. I think he is the perfect mould of a player we desperately need. I never thought we would ever sign Hazard / even enter the race for him if I am completely honest but was pleasantly suprised and thought, if he was really signing for a team looking for first team action and guaranteed position, United were the outstanding option. Wages were obviously his priority.

As for talking about Ligue 1 / Bundesliga, the BL is no doubt better than it. However, remember that Kagawa has only played there for two seasons. I have seen a lot of people pulling these stats out but the majority of goals / assists Shinji Kagawa has scored have been in the J League.

I don’t see how it can be argued that we aren’t competing for big players? We simply aren’t. True, we do not normally operate with purchasing big players but we have been outmuscled on multiple occasions over the past few seasons when we have tried.

Regardless of it being Ligue 1, Bundesliga or the Premier League, a player does not simply win player of the year four years in a row by being average.

kupes 05/29/2012 - 22:08

With all due respect to the author, hazard is plying his trade in the 6th best league in the world. How do u figure kagawa playing in a much more demanding league is not in the same class? Gervinho was highly rated in league1 too. Look at him now.

Dragon 05/29/2012 - 22:00

Well said Simon. I’d def prefer Kagawa over Hazard any day. Check the stats Eden Hazard: 192 apps, 50 goals and 30 assists. Shinji Kagawa: 198 apps, 86 goals and 45 assists. In a better league. Hazard is a dick and never a United player. Kagawa has the potential to be more of a “world beater” than Hazard in my view….he just hasn’t taken every opportunity to big himself up and create the illusion that he’s something he isn’t. Look at Sanchez at Barca, he was brilliant for Udinese, in a tough league, and whilst he is clearly a talent he’s not hitting the form you’d expect in a free flowing Barca side and everyone said he was the next Ronny. And completely agree with SImon again on the issue of Fergie never buying a big name….though Rooney would poss fall into that Category and Berba wasn’t cheap.

CITYBOY1000 05/30/2012 - 20:20

Aren’t Kagawa’s figures though inclusive of his time in the Japanese League ? I think I have read somewhere that they are. He hasn’t played in Germany for more than a couple of seasons from recollection. What are his figures for the Bundes League ?

Simon 05/29/2012 - 21:40

Kinda getting sick and tired of people saying we can’t compete for big players anymore. Ferguson has never really been one to go out and buy the worlds best, only signing like that really was veron. The rest of the big money was either on english talent, or other good players in the EPL.
Fans are fickle and have very short memory, I have read numerous posts by morons calling for fergie’s head, and how we no longer compete at the high end, as I stated previously we never have done our business this way.

I actually was one of those fans calling for kagawa over hazard, both hugely talented but one won’t be looking to leave in two years when barce or madrid come calling. I have actually watched play a fair bit and honestly the hype surrounding hazard is overstated, brazil are producing loads of players right now just as good as this kid, also I would like to point out the sizable difference between ligue 1 and bundesluga


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