Old Trafford Singing Section Scrapped Because Of City Fans

by Sam Peoples

Plans to move away fans to the upper tiers of the Sir Alex Ferguson have been abolished due to the fear of City fans “doing the Poznan” as it might cause the stadium to “flex”. I don’t know what they are worried about – they have to score to do the Poznan and they won’t be doing that at Old Trafford, right?

Old Trafford commander Chief Supt Mark Roberts stated that “stand movement, whilst not necessarily dangerous, could cause panic among fans”. He makes it sound like the stand would start swaying back and forth if people jumped up to celebrate – a slight hyperbole, I detect. If a multi-million pound football stand cannot handle a few thousand people jumping up and down, then it wasn’t built for purpose.

This is an opinion shared by United:

“We are surprised the police have chosen to raise this issue. We have an ongoing dialogue with the council. They put the stadium through a rigorous approval process every year and this issue has never been an area of concern for them.

“Given that they have the appropriate expertise in this area, it seems strange that the police would raise it.”

The Manchester Evening News got hold of the 15 page document through a Freedom of Information request which also raised fears that persistent standing could lead to fans falling over the edge, that police would struggle to contain uprisings due to the difficulty of reaching the area and that it would increase the risk of violence outside the ground.

Whilst I thought the idea that season ticket holders would have to give up seats that they may have held for a long time for this plan was ludicrous, I welcomed the idea that the Old Trafford atmosphere might make a move away from silent day-trippers and back to the days of “Attack, Attack, Attack” permanently reverberating off the walls. Looks like we might have to wait a bit longer.

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chris 07/09/2012 - 11:16

i want to use dis medium to tell alex that he is now the problem of united, i see no reason 4 u not to buy players and the most important is that he is telling us he is going to win next season league. If the glazer family are the problem them return is shear, united was moving well without glazer or is alex no longer know how to bargain. 4 me it alex is the pro tell him to leave and bring in pep

Jack 07/09/2012 - 11:39

You think Sir Alex, the most sucsessfull manager in the History of English football and Manchester United is a problem? Look at the team Fergies had then look at how well hes done in the champions league and the premier league in recent years. Now look at the squad City have and ask yourself how Sir Alex has managed to compete with them and nearly reclaim the title, City didn’t win the title United were just unlucky to lose it but Sir Alex is a tactical genius.

‘i see no reason 4 u not to buy players’ Its called fifa fair play and Manchester United have a debt that they’re trying to pay off. Sir Alex has gone for big signings such as Berba, De Gea and Sneijder (but he wanted like £220,000 a week).
2008 – Dimitar Berbatov £30m
2010 – Antonio Valencia £16m
2010 – Michael Owen Free
2011 – Ashley Young £17m
2011 – Phil Jones £18m
2011 – David De Gea £20m
2012 – Shinji Kagawa £15m
2012 – Nick Powell £4m


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