Sir Alex confirms defensive injury woes set to continue

by Sam Peoples

Speaking in a post-match interview with MUTV, Sir Alex has confirmed that Manchester United’s defensive injuries are set to continue until at least the Fulham game with four central defenders still sidelined for Saturday.

“I don’t think any of them [Ferdinand, Evans, Smalling, Jones] will be fit for Saturday.” – Sir Alex Ferguson

He said: “Hopefully Jonny Evans is getting near. Obvoiusly we’ve got a good week’s training now and that will bring him on a good bit.

“Hopefully in a couple of weeks we should be okay.

Michael Carrick’s not used to playing as a centre-back but he did all right, he did fine. He applied himself well tonight – they all did.”

Michael may have done OK but in all honestly, he didn’t have the best of games. For some strange reason, he was given the task of marking Fellaini for the corner that led to the goal when Vidic was marking Jagielka – and we were punished for it.

We are normally slow starters to the season but last year we burst onto the scene with some fantastic football. This season is set to be rather different. With Ferdinand, Evans, Smalling and Jones all confirmed to be on the sidelines for Fulham, it is likely that we will see Carrick partner Vidic once again in the middle.

The downsides to having Carrick as a centre back is a two pronged affair. Firstly, he isn’t a centre back. Secondly, we lose him in the midfield. Tonight looked like men against boys as our small but diminutive midfield was overrun and outmuscled by a burly Everton side. We cannot afford to do the same against Fulham but it looks like it might be a similar line-up as injuries rule out any substantial changes.

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Jabulani 08/21/2012 - 09:42

Manu is now playing crap thanks to SAF who seems to have outlived his usefulness! Team needs an overhaul in all departments (may be except goal keeping). How come only our defenders fetch injuries all at the same time and worse still at beginning of season when they need be fresh & available? Could it be something to do with our system of play or manner of players? How come Barca will never have such issues in spite of playing faster and more tiring style? How about man city? Watching them come from 2-1 down in their title opener was painful realisation that they are now a serious team. God knows manu would have been happy to only equalise but man city not only recovered but also went ahead to win the game. Mid field also needs serious investment. Nani is a waste and I could not help wondering if Ronaldo would not have certainly scored from that clear pass Nani squandered. Will give Scores, Kagawa & Valencia benefit of doubt but wonder why Valancia was played out of position. Rafael needs time on field to mature. Our biggest problems lie at striking force. We have best strikers yet we demostrate nothing close to it. Rooney is so heavy/fat and can neither pass correctly nor run. Sadly SAF feels very obligated to start him even when he plays crap! With this kind of play, we stand no chance of making it to the top 3 leave alone reclaiming the title. Do not forget we only got lucky last season. More teams are now coming up serious now.

josie 08/21/2012 - 09:09

i think michael should be used in the next match, sir alex should wooton instead carrick partnering with vidic. chicharito should be used instead of wellbeck. patrick evra should be sideline in the next match. up man u

shemi 08/21/2012 - 08:27

nani is a let down,am sure is does not want to play for man u,so was evra ihe is out of form we need a better replacemnet.we should let him go.van pessie should be partnering roonie.kagawa good aquisition,he can provide the goals.i hope sir alex signs a central defender,the likes of rolando can be of good addition’

Jeremiah. 08/21/2012 - 08:17

The game was very ok by me.Only that,manchester united side had injuries than its normal.Most especial,the defence line.The mid-field is okay and the strikers are done a great job in searching 4 goal.But,it was the goal that againt the manchester united side.Moreover,manchester united needs a mid-fielder to make the game balance.With what is saw on the pitch yesterday,manchester united can do it.Kudos to sir alex ferguson side.

Steve 08/21/2012 - 07:14

brilliant news – maybe we’ll play 8 attacking players, 2 defenders and evra again! maybe this time they can play as a unit but then again…
and if Rio spent as much time training as he does tweeting he wouldn’t spend another season picking up a wage sitting on his arse

Taiwo 08/21/2012 - 07:10

Wit all due respect ,saf, rooney, nani evra and schole are not needed in man utd again baba sell dem out, make sure u partner rvp,kagawa, powel n butner wel u wil see a fantastic man utd, man utd owner shud take note of dis seriously, rooney and nani are liabilities in de club denied deniedhttp://m.opera.comError Access deniedError Access denied


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