Rooney faces two months on sidelines after surgery

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney‘s horror cut sustained against Fulham looks set to keep him sidelined for longer than expected after undergoing surgery to stitch the wound.

The estimation from United was that Rooney would be out for four weeks but the Telegraph have tonight reported that Rooney had to undergo general anaesthetic before having the stitches put in, so the recovery period is greater than initially expected. According to expert opinion, the chance of infection is the biggest risk with an injury like this and if that does happen, Rooney may face an even longer spell on the sidelines.

My main concern with an injury like the one Wayne Rooney suffered is whether or not the wound has been infected. Bacteria and dirty material like soil can easily interfere with the wound by getting into the tissue so I hope they cleaned it well. If they did, the stitches should stay in for a week or 10 days. – Dr Mike Loosemore, Sports Physician

The timing of Rooney’s injury is steeped in irony. Last season, Rooney may have scored 34 goals but he was not at his world beating best and a poor Euro 2012 didn’t do anything to change his form around. Unfit and overweight, his woeful performance in United’s 1-0 loss to Everton earned a raucous swell of discontent amongst fans who were calling for him to dropped after the arrival of Robin van Persie.

Sir Alex obliged and fans were happy to see Robin van Persie vindicate the decision after only ten minutes but fast forward to today and United face two months without Rooney. So surely those fans calling for him to be dropped have got what they want?

Rooney has lost his aura of being invincible to the drop now that van Persie is in the squad but the last thing he needed was an injury like this. He now faces the toughest test in his United career. What will happen if van Persie lives up to his £24 million valuation and is scoring goals for fun when Rooney returns from injury?

Rooney will have to dig his heels in and show the grit and determination that made him the player he is today. He has no doubt lost some of that in the past 12 months, now is his chance to re-kindle his fire. He may have questioned United’s ambition back in 2010 but now is the greatest test of his own ambition to continue his United career.

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