VIDEO: Anders Lindegaard incredible double save against Tottenham U21s

by Sam Peoples

Anders Lindegaard didn’t have anything to do for 60 minutes in the U21s fixture against Tottenham Hotspur tonight but he sprung to life with dramatic effect when Tottenham pieced together an attack.

He made a smart save and instantly reacted to the rebound to fob off the second effort from Tottenham. It was a fantastic show of agility from Lindegaard and was Gordon Banks like in its quality.

Having Anders Lindegaard sniffing at the heels of David de Gea is fantastic for Manchester United. When Edwin van der Sar left, few fans would of thought our goalkeeping situation would be so strong so soon after his departure. The Dane was fantastic when he was in goal last season but after being sidelined by an injury, he couldn’t find his way back into the squad.

If he keeps pulling off saves like this, De Gea will certainly have to keep up his recent good form to stop him from taking the number one gloves once again.


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