Sir Alex confirms Rooney gash didn’t damage muscle

by Sam Peoples

When Wayne Rooney clutched his leg after suffering a gash against Fulham last weekend, it looked like he may have done some muscle damage with the cut looking extremely deep. This morning, Sir Alex has confirmed that this is not the case and that the situation is as good as it could have been in the circumstances.

He said: “Wayne’s out for four weeks. It’s nothing serious on the actual gash – it’s a bad one but it was treated carefully very quickly.

“We don’t expect any complications from it. I think he’ll be back in four weeks.

“The fact it’s a gash and not a muscle or joint injury means he can do a lot of work in the gymnasium. We’re not too bad with that.”

In all honesty, four weeks out of the limelight will not necessarily be a bad thing for Wayne Rooney. After his dire performance against Everton, fans were understandably angry at how he played and after Robin van Persie vindicated him being dropped to the bench, he was facing a battle to hold onto his starting spot.

With Sir Alex confirming that there is no muscle damage, Rooney will be able to work hard on his lacking fitness and try to shape himself back up when he returns. As long as no complications happen, that will probably be against Newcastle in the League Cup or Tottenham in the Premier League, with the away fixture to Liverpool probably coming too soon.

The four weeks will give Rooney plenty of time to think. He is now not the sole top dog at United and his starting spot is not guaranteed anymore. Robin van Persie will keep him out of the team sometimes and he has to get used to his new position at United.

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