MATCH RATINGS: Southampton 2-3 Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

By Francesco Longo

Lindegaard – 5 Has to take some responsibility for the first goal, he could have come strong and punched it safe. Poor distribution as well.

Rafael – 5  Hard to say he’s supposed to be winning headers against Lambert, but he could have at least put him off his balance by giving him a nudge.  Otherwise decent.

Ferdinand – 5 He had to pick up Lambert for the first goal, he’s not guarding anyone and leaves Lambert to Rafael, inexcusable. Though his assist to Van Persie when he hit the post was crucial.

Vidic – 5 Didn’t have much to do, though he was the closest centre back to Schneiderlin when he scored, it would have been a lot to ask him to get over in time. Otherwise he was decent.

Evra – 5 It’s not if you slip, it’s when you slip, and Evra picked the worst time possible. Otherwise he was okay, did well getting forward.

Carrick – 5 His slow, methodical style doesn’t jive with Cleverley who uses speed of thought and passing to make space.

Cleverley – 5 Had some problems positionally, though we did dominate possession much of the match which is his main role.  But we looked much better when Scholes came on.

Valencia – 6 Much of our best play went through Valencia, though he didn’t provide muc

h end product after assisting our opening goal.

Welbeck – 6 Did well at first teaming up with Van Persie, but the left side of our formation was left bare when he cut inside. He didn’t create enough chances to make such a tactic worth it.

Kagawa – 5 Not one of his better days, as soon as we conceded our 2nd his head seemed to drop and he struggled to make any impression at all.

Van Persie – 7  Would get an eight if he didn’t take one of the worst penalties you’ll ever see. Though the hat-trick hero deserves a lot of praise for taking a terrible team performance, for a United team, and turning it into a win.


Scholes – 7   Pure class, has the sort of vision that only a few players in a generation are given.

Nani – 6   Crucial assist from the corner for our third, though that hasn’t been a strength of his. A bit unfocused otherwise.

Chicharito – 5   With little time to make an impact he caused some trouble not didn’t create a clear chance.


One of the worst United wins you’ll ever see, of all the United comebacks, this one had to look as unlikely to happen as any.  Van Persie’s tremendous finishing was the difference here, without him I don’t see any way we win that game. He’s come right into the team and taken on the primary characteristic of a Sir Alex Ferguson player: he never gives up

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