Berbatov: Sir Alex Ferguson has lost my respect

by Sam Peoples

Dimitar Berbatov has finally opened the lid on his real feelings about his time at Manchester United and has hit out at Sir Alex Ferguson and the way he was treated at the club.

Speaking at a news conference at Bulgaria’s Vasil Levski national stadium in Sofia, Berbatov rued how his United career turned out in the last two years and publicly vented his frustrations.

“I know he’s the boss, but he has lost, to some extent, my respect because of the way he treated me.” Dimitar Berbatov

He said:  “I don’t think I deserved such treatment at United – not playing (regularly) in the last year.

“I went more than ten, probably 15, times to ask the coach if they need me. And every time I was told that I’m an important player and should not leave but then again I was not in the team.

“Maybe I should’ve gone when he (Ferguson) left me out of the squad for the Champions League final (in 2011).

Berbatov has every right to be frustrated with how his career dwindled away at United but I’m very surprised to hear him speaking publicly about it like this. Ever the gentleman, Berbatov has remained tight lipped about his real feelings but it seems that he wanted this parting shot after remaining quiet for so long. He has also said that he will have no qualms playing against United.

“I’ll have no problems playing against United as this already happened in my career. But there’s no point to look back again. I said goodbye to the people, who deserve it. I couldn’t say goodbye to Ferguson.” Dimitar Berbatov

He continued: “He (Ferguson) tried to explain to me that the team will be using a more direct style, with more speed.

“But I’ve never been among the fastest players, I like to hold the ball, this is my style.

“I found it hard to accept his decision. I still have my dignity. I scored many goals, I won the league two times, and I was the league top scorer, so it’s not bad.

Despite the comments, I don’t think it will change how fans see him. To be fair, I am surprised we didn’t hear any comments like this whilst he was still at United. He still loves the fans and what the club stands for, it is just a shame he became a high profile victim of a changing United squad but that, unfortunately, is part of football.

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