Manchester United announce full Premier League squad

by Sam Peoples

1 De Abreu Oliveira, Anderson Luis
2 Dias Correia, Tiago Manuel
3 Buttner, Alexander
4 Carrick, Michael*
5 Hernandez Balcazar, Javier
6 Cleverley, Thomas William*
7 De Gea Quinta, David
8 Evans, Jonathan Grant*
9 Evra, Patrice Latyr
10 Ferdinand, Rio Gavin*
11 Fletcher, Darren Barr*
12 Giggs, Ryan Joseph*
13 Kagawa, Shinji
14 Lindegaard, Anders Rozenkrantz
15 Almedia Da Cunha, Luis Carlos
16 Pereira da Silva, Rafael*
17 Rooney, Wayne Mark*
18 Scholes, Paul*
19 Smalling, Christopher*
20 Valencia Mosquera, Luis Antonio
21 Van Persie, Robin
22 Vidic, Nemanja
23 Welbeck, Daniel*
24 Young, Ashley Simon*

*Homegrown players

Barber, Benjamin Thomas
Barmby, Jack
Blackett, Tyler Nathan
Brady, Robert
Brown, Reece
Byrne, Sam John
Cofie, John Erzuah
Cole, Larnell James
Daehli, Mats Moeller

Dalley, Declan Michael
Ekangamene, Charni
Evans, Callum Leeroy
Fletcher, Ashley Michael
Fornasier, Michele
Giverin, Luke
Gollini, Pierluigi
Gorre, Kenji Joel
Goss, Sean Richard

Grimshaw, Liam David
Harrop, Josh
Hendrie, Luke John
                                                             Henriquez Iturra, Angelo Jose (Surely he is due an official unveiling?)
Hoelgebaum Pereira, Andreas Hugo
Ioannou, Nicholas Dimitris
James, Reece
Januzaj, Adnan
Johnstone, Samuel Luke

Jones, Philip Anthony
Keane, Michael Vincent
Keane, William David
King, Joshua Christian Kojo
Lawrence, Thomas Morris
Lingard, Jesse Ellis
Love, Donald Alistair
Macheda, Federico
McConnell, Ryan Peter

McCullough, Luke
McGinty, Sean Andrew
McNair, Patrick James Coleman
Pearson, Benjamin David
Petrucci, Davide
Powell, Nicholas Edward
Rothwell, Joseph Matthew
Rowley, Louis James
Rudge, Jack James
Sutherland, Jonathan David
Thorpe, Thomas Joseph

Tunnicliffe, Ryan
Van Velzen, Gyliano
Vermijl, Marnick Danny
Veseli, Frederic
Weir, James Michael
Wilkinson, Matthew Gary
Willock, Matthew
Wilson, James Antony
Wootton, Scott James

Under the squad rules set out by the Premier League, all clubs have to name a 25 man line-up of players who are over 21 and at least eight of them has to be homegrown.

A homegrown player is one who has been registered with an English or Welsh club for three years or more before they are 21.

As for players who are under 21, there are no restrictions on how many are in the team and they do not count as part out of the 25 man squad, regardless of their nationality.

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Richex 02/13/2013 - 06:08

I see more young stars like petrucci and powell coming through the senior level, kudos 2 the rest.

Redfan1999 09/05/2012 - 21:23

We have some great youngsters ,hope a couple come through this season. I think de gea will be outstanding once Evans links up with vida , we will only get better .

wellass 09/05/2012 - 08:06

who’s this guy called ‘Dias Correa,Tiago Manuel’

samp 09/05/2012 - 11:37


Essigreb 09/05/2012 - 17:12

Oh, I heard rumours we signed Messi :O


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