PICTURE: Anderson does himself no favours with Instagram

by Sam Peoples

I really want Anderson to break through this season and his performances so far have been solid. But, I just for the life of me cannot understand his thinking process.

He has been given three days off during the international break and has decided to take a trip to Dubai. Nothing wrong with that. But uploading pictures to your Instagram account sipping on Dom Perignon and stuffing your face with chocolate when your fitness is so often questioned?

I don’t care what anybody says. “Don’t be such a kill-joy, he’s just having a good time” – it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You wouldn’t catch Paul Scholes stuffing his face and plastering pictures all over the internet, especially if their weight was such a concern to fans. It’s a kick in the teeth for those that defend him and say that his attitude and talent will prevail.

The season has started, pre-season is over, and he is first and foremost a Manchester United player now.

He’s a happy go lucky guy, I understand that, but his professionalism and desire to actually become a top player at United just don’t seem to be there. As much as I am all for players enjoying the luxuries that their hard work brings them, it shouldn’t get in the way of their football, and Anderson’s clearly does. He needs to buck up his ideas, pronto.

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