Giggs: Fans outside the hotel chanted all night

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Giggs was part of the squad that first played Galatasaray back in 1993 when they were “Welcomed to Hell” by local ultra fans.

That night, Manchester United crashed out of Europe with a 0-0 draw and it is a night that Ryan Giggs admits he will never forget.

Speaking to about it, he said: “I remember it [the whole experience] vividly. It’s one of those memories that will always stick with you.

“When we arrived at the airport, there were all the banners and thousands of fans screaming at you.

“There were things thrown at us when we were driving away on the coach, fans outside the hotel chanting all night making sure we didn’t get any sleep and people phoning the hotel rooms. It had everything.” Ryan Giggs

“But they were a good team and a good club. It is a fantastic game to be involved in, especially away from home. It is an atmosphere a lot of the lads won’t have witnessed before.

“The atmosphere back then was something I tried to enjoy as much as I could. The manager told us to go on the pitch and sample the atmosphere. The fans had been in the ground for hours and hours so it was buzzing 90 minutes before kick-off.

“We were stood in the middle of the pitch watching the fans chant. It was one stand to another. It was a brilliant atmosphere if I am honest but obviously the game didn’t pan out the way we wanted.

“They were a good team then and they will be a good team now.”

Manchester United and Galatasaray both recorded 4-0 wins at the weekend and will be going into the game with high hopes, so it is sure to be a fired up affair.

After last seasons calamitous Champions League group stage, every Manchester United player will be keen to kindle their European fire again, Ryan Giggs included.

He said:  “We need to win our home games and perform at home.

“We usually say ten or more points gets you through so if you win your home games and try and draw away from home, you are usually through.

“We didn’t manage it last year and didn’t perform at Old Trafford the way we have done in the past. We want to try and rectify that.”

One thing that we struggled on last year in Europe was complacency and a lack of fluidity in our football. Just the year previous, with almost the same squad, we got ourselves into the Champions League final but we couldn’t match up to our own high standards.

Giggs feels that the new signings will make a massive difference for our push in Europe this year and I think he is right.

He said: “Robin has the experience of playing in Europe with Arsenal. The goals he has got will hopefully give us that extra edge this season.

“Shinji is that kind of player who will thrive in Europe, where possession is key. He keeps the ball. He gets into positions where he is hard to pick up. I am sure they will both be good additions.”

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