Player Ratings – Manchester United 2-1 Newcastle

by Sam Peoples

De Gea  6   Had a good save and a nice punch, but he could have been more commanding in the box. This very issue seems to be holding him back from being the clear first choice. He could have come out for the goal but I wouldn’t blame him for it.

Vermijl  6   His crossing was very good for a reserve player, he showed no sign of being overawed and was accurate with his passing while on the run. He did lose the ball a few more times than I would have liked to see, but overall it was a strong performance.

Keane  7   A very assured performance from Keane tonight. He didn’t look out of place for the game and was a rock at the back. He dealt with things fairly well, though he was slow to react on a few occasions, especially for the Vuckic chance. Overall fairly promising.

Wootton 7   Overall I thought he was better than Keane, but he did make a crucial error in letting Cisse get away from him for Newcastle’s goal. His size and speed allowed him to handle the Newcastle striker for the most part. His passing was also pretty good, both centre backs kept the ball moving.

Buttner  6   He certainly didn’t have the same sort of game as he did against Wigan. He certainly fought the entire game, Newcastle had little luck down our left side. Had a shot early  on but otherwise was fairly quiet on the offensive end.

Fletcher  7   Welcome back Darren. He looked like he had more energy in this game. He was constantly at work on the defence and in the attack, starting the moves from his deeper lying role. It’s great to see him play the whole game, he switched to left back after Vermijl came off for Tunnicliffe and was able to keep Newcastle quiet from there as well.

Cleverley  8   A fantastic first goal for United – a powerful shot from outside the box that was hard for the goalkeeper to pick up coming through the mass of defenders. He did well to make up for missing an easier chance earlier from close range but Cleverley is the type of player to keep his head up and never become frustrated. He was constantly on the ball and his effort was crucial to getting the win.

Anderson  8   A really impressive goal from the Brazilian, it’s great to see him score and it opened up the game. His energy was huge, it’s great to see so much movement and interchanging in the United attack and Anderson was as involved as anyone in that. When he’s on like he was today, he makes a strong argument for playing in the first team.

Chicharito  6   He was unlucky to see his second half strike come back off the bar, it was a move worthy of a goal. He did a pretty good job of linking up with the rest of the attack. He can still improve in that area but it was a strong passing performance for him, great to see improvement there.

Welbeck  7   Danny was constantly available, popping up everywhere and linking attack from all positions. He was very dangerous, with strong movement and sharp passing and was well rewarded with the assist to set up Cleverley goal. Interchanging attackers is very difficult for a defence to deal with and Danny drove them crazy all match.

Rooney  6   He had a bit of everything in a good all around performance. He took pretty good care of the ball and had one particularly fantastic pass to Welbeck that brought a great save from the Newcastle goalkeeper. On his return from injury, it was a good performance and I’m glad to see him back.


Tunnicliffe  5   Helped us kill the game at the end, didn’t get much action but handled himself well.

Powell  5   Had some good ideas but nothing came off for him. Overall, he looked very composed, especially inside the box, I liked what I saw.

Brady  5  It was just a sneak peek but this guy has the heart and desire to take him far. Don’t be surprised to see him playing in the next League Cup game, although a testing game away to Chelsea will be very tough indeed.

It’s great to get some of the younger players out on the field, especially when you manage to win. Newcastle played a strong team and it was a difficult task for a very inexperienced back line. Wootton made one mistake, letting Cisse get space for his goal, but overall the entire back line was composed and very impressive considering their youth. Again Anderson and Cleverley remind us how much they like to play together, and a strong front line helped us to get the better of the attack.

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