Nani training bust-up with Petrucci fuels quit speculation

by Sam Peoples

According to tomorrow’s Daily Mail, Nani is edging towards an exit from Old Trafford after allegedly punching the U21’s captain Davide Petrucci.

Now, the back pages of tabloids are not generally the best place to go for accurate sports stories but this is something that you just ¬†wouldn’t make up, surely.

The story says that Nani and Petrucci had a scuffle on the training ground after a tackle and later that day, Nani swung a punch at Petrucci in the squad gym and they were pulled apart.

Why would the Daily Mail make this up? Even more disturbing, how did this story come to the press if it is indeed what happened.

Either way, Nani’s current situation at United is far from comfortable with his poor performances earning him rightful criticism and stories like this are going to do nothing but fuel the fire that he might leave in the January transfer window.

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