Player ratings – Manchester United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur

by Sam Peoples

Lindegaard 5  Couldn’t do anything about the deflection for Vertonghen’s goal but you feel he could have done better for both Bale’s and Dempsey’s. Was hoping for a Schmeichel-esque goal to turn it all around but it wasn’t to be. Expect to see De Gea for the next game.

Evra  6   He had a nice chance to tie the game at the end with a rare shot from fairly close range. It was a decent effort but Friedel is a hard keeper to beat. He committed a bad foul early in the first half but other than that had a fairly good game with a few good crosses.

Evans  6   Besides deflecting the first goal in off his arm, he wasn’t terribly at fault for the rest of the game. He can hardly be blamed for the deflection but alongside Ferdinand, he was too pedestrian and Tottenham’s attacks reaped the rewards from it.

Ferdinand  4  Was beaten for pace by Vertonghen for the first goal, abused for pace by Bale for the second goal and left lacking in the build up to the third goal. To be fair, not many centre backs can keep up with Bale but you hope than a wily old campaigner like Rio would have a few tricks up his sleeve. If he had at least put them off their balance a bit it would have helped. Poor performance.

Rafael 6 It wasn’t his best performance today but it was still a good shift from Rafael. He was heavily involved in most of United’s attacks down the right and overlapping runs and interlink play with Nani did cause Tottenham some problems. Pretty disciplined against Bale as well in the second half enslaught and kept him quiet.

Carrick  5   He had a header off the bar at the end but more likely it was an attempted pass. Either he or Scholes had to pick up Dempsey when he ran into the box, wide open, for the game winning goal. He didn’t create enough to make up for that despite improving in the second half.

Scholes  6  In the second half he single handedly ran the midfield and it was pretty to watch, but ultimately it fell short of the requirements to take point from Tottenham. If the first half had been as good we’d have won but Carrick and Scholes must take some of the blame for not tracking Dempsey from midfield, allowing him to score an easy winner.

Giggs  3   He gave the ball away constantly in the first half, more than anyone else, and didn’t create a pass or chance or note. It’s rare for Sir Alex to drag a player off at halftime, especially a veteran like Giggs but in this case it was appropriate. When Giggs is off he’s really off but don’t count him out.

Nani  7   He was the brightest part of a fairly drab first half and caused a lot of trouble in the second half, including our opening goal. I always have a feeling that Nani has more in his tank but when we couldn’t get through the centre of the Spurs defence, we inevitably sent the ball wide right and leaned on Nani to create something. He should have won a penalty early in the first half from a pull of his shirt but as often happens such a foul goes unnoticed in a crowded penalty box. Well taken goal as well.

Kagawa  6   He was rather quiet in the first half. His tracking back was great but he couldn’t pick the Spurs defence apart going forward. In the second half he scored a really exciting goal that gave everyone hope that United could come back and win but it wasn’t to be. We weren’t able to create the cutting edge required but it was good to see Kagawa showing signs of increased chemistry with his team mates despite the overall performance.

Van Persie  6   Another somewhat quiet game for Van Persie. He looked like he was struggling to get into the right positions, or the midfielders were struggling to find him. He had a fantastic assist for Kagawa to get us back to within a goal and when he scored an offside goal everyone thought we had clawed it back.


Rooney  8   A fantastic second half performance, he was incredibly unlucky to see his free kick come back off the post. He assisted Nani for our first goal with a beautiful ball over the top and he was constantly causing problems for Spurs and helping us dominate the ball in the second half. He looks ready to get back into the starting lineup.

Welbeck  5   Didn’t really get a chance to influence the game.

Chicharito  5   Just a few minutes of extra time, never involved.


It was a tough game to lose considering we dominated the second half so fully. However, we really struggled with Tottenham’s speed especially Giggs and Ferdinand. With a bit of luck we could have won; Nani’s penalty shout, Van Persie’s offside goal and Rooney’s freekick were the difference between the two teams.

Tottenham had fewer chances but took advantage of the ones they had. It would seem that players like Cleverley and Welbeck would have perhaps given us the speed and endurance to help us deal with Spurs and it was certainly strange to see Giggs on the wing in such a high level game. It’s a tough loss, let’s hope the second half performance is the start of better communication between Rooney, Van Persie, Kagawa and Nani. It needs to be.


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