PICTURE: Brazilian striker Bruno Gomes can’t wait to join Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Bruno Gomes, the highly rated Brazilian youngster, this week confirmed that he only wanted to move to Manchester United¬†and he can’t wait for the move to happen.

The striker will join United when he turns 18 in 2014 but judging from his Twitter feed, that move can’t come soon enough. His feed is full of retweets from fans welcoming him to Manchester United, despite the fact he hasn’t even joined yet, and he is all smiles. Last night, he posted this picture of his new laptop bearing a photo of him training at United. He tweeted:

“like it my custon notebook B9 and MUFC, with my photo??? ahahaha”

He also confirmed that he is already learning English two years before his move to Manchester, which is a real sign of intent from the youngster.

Bruno Gomes will be soon be competing in the Sao Paolo U19 Cup and hopefully he can continue his rise as a goalscoring phenomenon.

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