New footage emerges proving Rio Ferdinand did nothing wrong

by Sam Peoples

The Manchester derby yesterday was a fantastic game of gripping football that ended with a typically dramatic Manchester United goal to top it all off, but it isn’t going to be a game remembered for the result.

Scenes turned ugly at full time when Rio Ferdinand was pelted with coins by the home fans for celebrating Robin van Persie’s winner, cutting him above the eye.

Some Manchester City fans justified Rio Ferdinand nearly being blinded by a coin thrown from the crowd because he provoked the home fans by celebrating in front of them.

Celebrated in front of the home fans? No he didn’t, as the video below shows.

He ran straight to the away fans and celebrated with the players in front of them before he was hit above the eye when lifting his shirt up. At no point did he turn and provoke the home fans. Earlier in the match, Wayne Rooney also had objects thrown at him when he was taking a corner kick.

In any case, how is celebrating a goal in a football match justification for violence? It isn’t. Football is never that important.

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TheCANTONA 12/10/2012 - 23:12

the twats on bbc live 5 should be ashamed of themselves for making false claim about this incident as same as that bald scouse mcmahon (would really loves to see his hypocrite reaction if someday one of his beloved liverpool players got struck with the same accident too)

jon 12/10/2012 - 22:11

Rio was clearly in away section,he was celebrating with team and just turned to fans when he was hit,he made no gesture,no inciting gesture to home fans,pity people wont grow up

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