PICTURE: City fan who confronted Ferdinand mocks Munich disaster on Facebook

by Sam Peoples

Matty Stott, 21, has been named and shamed as the Manchester City fan who decided to run onto the pitch after Robin van Persie’s dramatic winner in the derby on Sunday.

He has since released an apology in a statement expressing how he is “ashamed” with his actions. He said:

“I would like to apologise to all those affected by my actions yesterday, particularly Mr Ferdinand and the other players. I am extremely ashamed of my actions. I have let myself down, my family down, my fellow fans down and Manchester City football club.

“I intend to write personally to Mr Ferdinand to express my extreme regret and apologies and also apologise to Manchester United and their fans. I would like to thank Joe Hart for his actions when I came on the pitch.

“I have been a fan of Manchester City football club all my life and I have been a season ticket holder for three years and I attend the games with my father. I have had the same seat in the section next to the away fans for those three years.”

However, that apology seems rather hollow when you look at what he posted on his Facebook page where he posted “He’s a Munich bastard” just hours earlier.

Fans mocking disasters have been in the spotlight this year due to the Hillsborough revelations and although idiotic fans like Matt Stott are in an underwhelming minority, actions like this can’t go unpunished if they are ever going to stop.

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