PICTURE: Not even Liverpool fans can defend Luis Suarez over this

by Sam Peoples

Whether or not you think Luis Suarez is a cheat is up to you, it’s your opinion, but there is absolutely no defending this. Luis Suarez ignored a young boy outside Mansfield’s stadium when he asked for an autograph.

Kids idolise footballers. They buy stickers, mugs, t-shirts and more just to keep them as close to their idols as possible. I know I did. So, when a young boy finally gets the chance to get an autograph of one of the Premier League’s biggest names, it’s his big moment – not that Suarez cares.

Kids love football. If you asked 50 boys what they wanted to be when they grow up, a lot of them would immediately say a professional footballer without a seconds hesitation. They watch their heroes on the TV, or in the flesh, every week and want to be them. Who could blame them? The glitz and glamour of the Premier League is enough to woo over most grown men.

Love him or loathe him, Luis Suarez is a world class footballer – that’s without question – but simply ignoring a single young boys request for an autograph, looking in the other direction? Disgusting. Shameful. What Liverpool and their players get up to is their own business but this is just downright ignorant on a scale far bigger than that.

Photograph sourced from The Guardian

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