Beckham: I didn’t want to play in England unless it was for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

David Beckham has completed a transfer deadline day move to Paris St Germain today in a move that has surprised most people.

The 37-year-old midfielder makes the move to the French capital after he finished his six year stay with LA Galaxy this winter and admitted that despite offers from the Premier League, he never thought about a return to English football unless Manchester United asked him.

Speaking at a press conference to announce his move to Paris St Germain, Beckham said:

“I was successful with Manchester United and always said I’d never want to play for another English club,” Beckham told reporters at a press conference to announce his move to PSG.

“I had a lot of history with Manchester United. It’s the team I support and the team I dreamt of playing for.

“I’m very honoured by the offers I had from other Premier League clubs but I didn’t want to play there unless it was for Manchester United.”

Despite his tumultuous departure at the end of his Manchester United career thanks to well publicised fallout with Ferguson, he is a legend in my eyes. Has there ever been a better crosser of the ball? I don’t think so.

David Beckham will be giving his playing salary to charity – a nice touch. He might only be signing a five month contract but the marketing power of Beckham will really help PSG get themselves on the global map. Good luck to him.

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