Ferguson confirms Young fit and Jones’ injury not too bad

by Sam Peoples

Speaking at the pre match press conference this morning ahead of Sunday’s tough tie against Everton at Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed the latest team news.

Sir Alex on latest team news…

All the players are back fit from the internationals although we are still waiting on Chicharito to return. Ashley Young is back and Phil Jones‘ illness is not as bad as was suggested by England Under-21 boss Stuart Pearce.

Sir Alex on the week ahead…

“It’s a terrific spell for us and where we want to be.”

Sir Alex on the Everton match…

“Everton are very experienced and they’ve only lost three games this season. Our memory of last season is disappointing – we lost the title versus Everton!

“But we’re playing well, I’m pleased with our form. I’m changing the team around and everyone who has played has done well, which creates competition.”

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