PICTURE: Zaha gives Leeds fans the middle finger during game at Selhurst Park

by Sam Peoples

Wilfried Zaha has already made himself a fans favourite with United this afternoon by giving the travelling Leeds fans the finger during the Championship clash at Selhurst Park today.

He already seems to know where his priorities lie then!

Photo Credit: PA

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liam 03/09/2013 - 23:24

It didnt mention how much he done today. really was amazing. set up 1 and scored 2 for himself. tireless efforts. He could have easily got carried away with the away support and swapped side after 15 minutes to get away from dirty Leeds…but he didnt. oh wait….

brx 03/10/2013 - 00:24

What you jut said make zero sense.

Robert 03/09/2013 - 18:19

Thanks, I don’t see what’s clever about writing your clubs name down exactly but cheers nontheless. Unless it was sarcasm!? 😮 Anyway i’ll let you get back to your fantasy world of lollipops, candy floss and unicorns and enjoy watching another young England startlet turn into an overrated arrogant p**k. Shame, I rated Zaha highly.

john salako 03/09/2013 - 18:10

he’s just got long fingers, the next pic would have shown him rubbing dirt from his eye, it was innicent and nows being turned into NEWS.

OJM 03/09/2013 - 18:06

Robert: Eh?! Calm down mate.

PS – “manure” I see what you did there. Very clever.

Akinwale clems 03/09/2013 - 17:58

What are great anticipation of seeing Zaha dazzling in the colours of the Red Devils up United 4 life. Gonna be great next season

yaya who @ yahoo 03/09/2013 - 17:51

leeds is not even worth ´the finger´

Robert 03/09/2013 - 17:35

Intelligent author as you’d expect from a manure fan. Hardly anybody saw this, now he’ll probably face a fine as it’s all over the internet. Really sad you still even think about little old us sat in 10th in the Championship but it is a sad life to be the fan of a club with zero soul. Honestly. And before you comment about me reading your article…it’s on Leeds Newsnow and as i’m as obsessed with Leeds as you are I was bound to!

Suppose you had better call the police as i’ve not agreed with you and everything hasn’t gone your way.

LS1 03/09/2013 - 17:28

sh** scum basta** JUST A SH** SCUM BAS****


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