Travelling England fans hurl abuse at Rio Ferdinand

by Sam Peoples

Rio Ferdinand didn’t travel to San Marino tonight after he ruled himself out of England’s 2014 World Cup qualifiers this week but it didn’t stop the travelling England supporters chanting his name – for the wrong reasons.

Supported by the increasingly grinding brass band, fans chanted out “Ferdinand is a wanker” and “Rio Ferdinand, you know what you are”.

They’re right. Ferdinand knows what he is. An England veteran with 81 caps to his name, a five time Premier League winner and a UEFA Champions League winner.

Ferdinand had absolutely every right to snub Roy Hodgson’s almost laughable recall of Ferdinand. He was kept out until now due to “footballing reasons” but considering he has arguably been the best English centre-back in the Premier League over the past 12 months, that excuse seems rather transparent.

The FA have made his position with England untenable, not the other way around:

December 2003: Ferdinand banned for eight months and fined £50,000 by FA after missing drugs test

August 2010: Ferdinand forced out of England’s 2010 World Cup due to training injury

May 2012: Ferdinand dropped from England squad due to “footballing reasons”

August 2012: Ferdinand fined £45,000 by FA after “choc-ice” tweet

The FA made their bed when they supported John Terry and dropped Ferdinand for Euro 2012. Now that Terry is crocked with injury, they have come crawling back to Ferdinand only to get told where the door is.

Saying Ferdinand turned his back on England is preposterous. The FA and England turned their back on Ferdinand a long time ago. Now it has just come full circle and Ferdinand is being made a scapegoat.

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