PICTURE: Manchester United dominate City to paint the town red

by Sam Peoples

The derby might not be until tomorrow night but Manchester United have already dominated the town tonight after a Twitter competition to paint the town hall red.

Virgin Media’s ‘No Likey, No Lighty’ campaign asked Twitter to show their support for either United or City and pledged to paint the town hall accordingly.

And United stormed to a victory with 17,555 votes in comparison to City’s measly 3,344, an 84% majority.

The Town Hall in Albert Square has now been lit up to represent the percentage split of voters giving the town a lovely red tinge ahead of the derby tomorrow night.

Despite the fact that there is a 15 point gap between the two sides, tomorrow is a derby and will be fiercely contested. No doubt it will be City’s biggest game of the season (as it always has been).

Full story: Manchester Evening News

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