PICTURE: Italian club reveal solution to Manchester City’s Emptihad

by Sam Peoples

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester City might be champions but they still can’t sell out the Etihad.

According to Football 365, they have the 9th highest average attendance in the 2012/2013 Premier League with Swansea, Fulham and Reading all managing to sell more tickets than City in their respective stadium’s.

They could take some tips from Italian Serie B side Triestina who stretched out gigantic posters of fake fans to cover 10,000 vacant seats and add an atmosphere to the game this season – something the Etihad could use.

“We’d love to have a full stadium with real supporters and we’ve done everything we can to get people through the gates, but the reality is that we can’t,” said Triestina General Manager Marco Cernaz to news station WSJ.

“This way at least we create a bit of atmosphere, a bit of theatre.”

The City is yours? I doubt it. They might have won the Manchester Cup on Monday but City will have to fill their own stadium before claiming the whole City is theirs.

And City’s argument that United only have a higher attendance because of glory hunters? Flawed. United have had a higher attendance every single season dating back to 1947.

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