PICTURE: Stoke fans mock Munich disaster with banners and chants

by Sam Peoples

Photo: The United Bible/Twitter

Stoke fans taunted and mocked the victims of the Munich Air Disaster today during their 2-0 loss against Manchester United at the Britannia Stadium.

The taunts were a reaction to United’s away travellers singing “What the f*****ng hell was that” after not realising the significance of a minutes applause for a 14-year-old Stoke fan who was found dead in his home this week.

Maybe the taunts were reactionary but judging from banners that fans held up proudly before kick-off at local pubs, it wasn’t all reactionary.

Small sections of fans will continue to disrespect the dead but it simply has to be cut out. United fans were unaware of the significance of the applause and if they had known, they would have likely joined in. Stoke fans mocking those who lost their lives in the Munich Air Disaster in response just belittles their anger in the first place.

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