Ferguson hints at United signing a striker in summer

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that ‘it depends on who’s available’ this summer in regards to Manchester United signing another forward.

With Rooney, van Persie, Hernandez and Welbeck already in the squad, adding one more striker does not seem to be the priority with United’s dependence on Carrick in midfield being a startling reality this year.

Most fans are also anticipating a midfield signing due to Scholes’ imminent (full) retirement, Fletcher’s on-going battle with ulcerative colitis and Anderson’s uncertain future.

But when questioned about summer activity in the Aston Villa pre-match press conference, Ferguson did not rule out signing yet another attacker.

“When big signings are mentioned, the players you are talking about are normally forwards, but it’s complicated enough with the forwards I’ve got,” Ferguson said.

“It depends on who’s available.”

Last season, I felt the last thing we needed was another striker and that bolstering our midfield was the prerogative – then United signed Robin van Persie.

I’m still stunned by the fact he is a United player but it is a move that has been vindicated with United’s 13 point gap at the top of the table and van Persie’s 21 goal haul so far in the league.

But what would signing another striker mean for the current squad? It would certainly place the futures of Rooney and Hernandez into question with both already linked with potential exits even before another striker has been bought.

Surely this is the year that United sign a top class central midfielder? Diame, Yaya Toure, Fellaini et al have dominated our midfield at points this season with United unable to match their power and presence.

Whilst Jones’ flexibility has glossed over the cracks in some games, United still desperately miss some consistent bite in the middle.

Maybe Ferguson intends to buy another striker and drop Rooney deeper on a more permanent basis.

But Rooney has cut a frustrated figure in recent outings after having to drop deep to get game time in the centre of midfield and is struggling to find his form.

As for Hernandez, he is still not able to get any time on the pitch with Ferguson instead placing plenty of faith in van Persie and Welbeck.

And despite Hernandez saying he is happy with his current role in the squad at United, signing another top striker might change that.

Given that Lewandowski has hinted strongly at a summer exit and the recent rumours linking a move for Falcao, there is certainly a lot of interest regarding strikers – and Ferguson’s quotes have done nothing to quash them.

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Jefri jefri 04/21/2013 - 19:49

Guys i am not happy wit man united in mildfild. U see we do not have a creative mildfilder no word class mildfilder but i rely apreciate carrick work in ther but we need someone like mario gotze,mesuit ozil,isco,david silver,juan mata to settle thing in center field . Plc another worning is the selling of liuz nani it is not fear, nani is beter than valencia,young. Let fargei talk to him teach him he will be good like ronaldo. plc do not sell second ronaldo(nani)

Essigreb 04/21/2013 - 08:40

Allthou I agree with Adam here that this summer will be exiting, I dont think we will buy Falcao – even if they get Hernandez in an exchange, he will be too expensive. Personally I would go for Lewandowski. I actually wanted him instead of van Persie, as I think he is a better player. When not scoring I think the latter is a grey player. De Gea has saved us more times than the dutchman has, and if someone else had been playing, I am sure they would have come up with goals as well. Hernandez is also very overrated in my mind. He is only good inside the box – the rest is too bad to compete for a place in a team like Manchester United. If he wants to stay as a sub, then fine – but, I think that the market value is at the top now, so this summer he should be sold. As for Rooney, I really dont think we should sell him. Even when he is playing bad for his standards, he is better than most players. The article mentions Jones and I cant really see the hype. If there is anyone that gets more chances in the wrong position in Manchester United history, it surely has to be him. He is awful both as a midfielder and as a fullback. And, to be honest, I rate him as 5th choice as a central defender. 17m£ is a lot of money, especially if your only talent is as a manmarker. Eventually I expect him to go to Sunderland or likewise. He is young thou, so maybe I am too quick to rule him out. And talking about young – Ashley was another English player bought in the region of 17m£. I cant really see what he supports a team of this quality with. Diame is mentioned and I really like him – allthou I wouldnt compare him to Young in particular. The West Ham player is a stand out in his team, but will Ferguson finally go for an African player?


The latter is the greatest Scandinavian talent for many years and will be cheaper than his teammate Eriksen, whom has been linked with us several times. Fischer is originally a striker, now playing as a leftwinger for Ajax. At the age of 18, he is already better than most players in the Eresdivision – dribbling, scoring goals and tracking back. In my mind a total footballer.

I want to keep Anderson another year. We can do with central midfielders that can run past the opposition. Also, this season, he averages one more precise long ball than Scholes per game played, so can please someone find a way to keep him fit?

Adam 04/21/2013 - 12:25

Essigreb I actually think Lewandowski makes more sense for Man Utd. We’ve been linked with Falcao, but if I had to choose then I would probably say Lewandowski as well. The guys record in Germany has been fantastic and he is likely to be in the region of £20 million, and he is 25, so its good value.

I’ve seen Victor Fischer play and I am a fan. I don’t know the finances of Ajax but we should try and get him for £15 million because he has great potential. It would be similar to when we signed Cristiano Ronaldo as an 18 year old. Fischer is a bigger talent than Eriksen in my opinion.

Aussiehopper 04/21/2013 - 14:59

Im afraid sad as it is Rooney has run his race for Manchester United, Nani Young Anderson also and with a lot of regret i have to add Fletcher to the list also through no fault of his own, and Cleverly,
regardless of all the hype does not fill me with any great excitement, we have some wonderful young players coming through, give some of them a chance and add Lewendowski, Hummels, and Goetze from Borussa Dortmand, Put Kagawa in his best position behind the strikers. and to top it off go all out for Rodriegeous from Porto.
100 million pounds plus? would be the best investment the Glazers ever Made.

Aussiehopper 04/21/2013 - 15:12

Why would a team sell some of its best players
people might ask,? for the simple reason that
Money talks and people listen.

Essigreb 04/22/2013 - 03:58

Have you seen him play?

I cant see how on earth he is worth 35m£.

Mouthinho is, as I see it, the only player in Portugal worth buying – but, he will also be too expensive

theMUFCfan 04/21/2013 - 07:36

I think it would be unfair to bring a new striker and sell Hernandez if thatt’s going to be the case… This season he has not got much time on the pitch as he would have liked, but he has delivered the maximum every time he got the chance and his goal tally this season is so unreal given his lack of place in the team.. He deserves to get a place in the first team in my opinion..
I think what United need is a world class winger like Gareth Bale. Drop Rooney to midfield (he has said he wants to be more of a midfielder in the future) and play RvP and Hernandez upfront and that will make less competition for Danny Welbeck for that forward position.
Selling Rooney would be the worst possible idea ever. Only he can come close to be the one to fill Paul Scholes’ boots when he retires permenantly which I think is at the end of this season.

Red Devil 04/21/2013 - 07:23

The midfield ‘hardman’ that United need is …. Kevin Strootman!
A box to box player with strength on the ball, a hard tackler and has a no nonsense approach to the game. Bring in Strootman and United will be able to command midfield like they did when Keane was at Old Trafford.
As regards players leaving, Rooney for me should go. His performances are so hit and miss these days that when he is required to show his class, he often goes missing or puts in a performance which is way below par.
Yes he has his moments but how many does he has these days – Not many!
Lewandowski would be my choice to replace Rooney but Bayern Munich’s interest suggests he may not be easy to convince to come to Old Trafford … but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so Sir Alex must make an approach and see what Lewandowski makes of it all.
Of the others, I think Nani, Anderson and quite possibly Young will depart.
For a variety of reason, none of those 3 have really pulled up any trees so let them go and bring in replacements of a higher standard. For after all if United have any real ambition to be Champion’s League winners again, the squad will need to be improved for to exit at or near the semi-final stage is a failure no matter who you are but for United this is a disaster not only on the field but also for financial reasons and we all know about that situation, don’t we?

YAYA WHO @ YAHOO 04/22/2013 - 16:02

NANI – PLENTY OF PEOPLE OBSESSED iwth the boy NANI – but, please, be SERIOUS & show me one player (exclud. Mess & Ron) being as good as Nani – if you know A BIT ABOUT THE GAME, you´ll NOT find one.

As for Young, I believe he is even better then ´a good squad player´!

Anderson – inconsistency in a definition & the first one to go, absolutely – he has got his moments, he is tough to take a ball off him … but that´s somehow it … & so it is NOT AT ALL ENOUGH for MUFC/ not a bad player, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND NOT ONE UNITED MIGHT RELY ON FOR YEARS TO COME in what is probably the most important position on the pitch tactics-wise …


Sikova 04/21/2013 - 06:46

I think man u needs a good anchour man maybe must have persuaded pogba not to go the better
but if they can get better strikers tha better coz it makes the league more competitive

Adam 04/21/2013 - 03:01

It seems like we will have an interesting summer. I think Ferguson will really want to win the Champions League next season, and this could mean a few signings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rooney is sold so that Ferguson can invest in a new striker. We have been linked with Radamel Falcao and he is a pure number 9 striker. I would expect a pure goalscorer arriving to play alongside Van Persie would indicate a vital role for Kagawa in the team as the playmaker.


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