Can you predict the results for Manchester United’s last four games?

by Sam Peoples

Title number 20 is in the bag after Manchester United regained the Premier League from City against Aston Villa on Monday but whether they will be able to extend the tally is another story.

photo-1And if you like a flutter, a new app for the iPhone that can provide you with all the information you need to make football predictions is available called SpoW football – and you can download it from the App Store.

Gain bragging rights amongst your mates for guessing correct score lines, see the latest football statistics from more than 100 leagues across the world and compare your knowledge with football lovers all over the planet with this cutting-edge free app.

A user-friendly interface greets you on the app and you can log in through Facebook to keep it straight forward. Compete against your friends by making predictions on upcoming games. Every time you predict you get points for accuracy with the goal of moving up divisions in your profile.

You will be able to see the history of your predictions as well as statistics about them. You start in Division 5 and depending on your performance you can move up divisions to win cups. Unlike for United, relegation is a threat too if things don’t go your way.

2The idea is to follow your favourite leagues with lightning-fast score updates and play against your friends for the best predictions. Pick from over 100 leagues of world football and customise those that you want to keep track of to stay up to date with.

You can also check the average prediction of countries and clubs. Want to know the predictions for the upcoming United game? With SpoW, you can check what all the countries and clubs in the world are saying about any match.

Get push notifications for goals and red cards and check the latest info on the season such as goals, substitutions, yellow/red cards, penalties scored/missed, assists, lineups and much more. All the information on Manchester United is available at the your fingertips.

All of which will help you make an informed decision when the next round of fixtures comes around and you need valuable points to leapfrog your friends to be promoted to the next division.

When you tap a specific match you are brought to the match screen from which you can check game details, statistics, lineups, your friends predictions and comments. Watch as the latest events unfold and your predictions are proven right or wrong.

3You will also be given a news-feed that will keep you posted on the latest developments of your chosen fixtures and keep you updated when one of your friends makes a new prediction or comment.

You can download SpoW for your iPhone here. For more information about SpoW, visit the SpoW website, like SpoW on Facebook or follow SpoW on Twitter.

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