PICTURE: David Luiz laughing on floor to get Rafael sent off

by Sam Peoples

David Luiz sat there laughing on the floor after Rafael kicked him in a moment of madness at the end of the game. He wasn’t injured, it didn’t hurt – he just wanted to get Rafael sent off. Great sportsmanship there, Luiz.

If there is one thing that I can’t stand in football, it is someone feigning injury to get somebody sent off. There’s no disputing the fact that Rafael’s petulant kick out, reminiscent of his younger days at United, warranted a red card but given Webb’s leniency in the game, it would of probably only resulted in a yellow card for Rafael.

You wouldn’t know that Luiz and Rafael were compatriots would you?

Luiz feigned his injury only a few minutes after getting irate at Howard Webb following a tackle on van Persie.

Sergio Busquets would be proud of you Luiz – well done.

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