How naive does David Luiz think Manchester United fans are?

by Sam Peoples

According to The Independent, David Luiz has told friends that he wasn’t laughing during his feigned injury after being fouled by Rafael but was instead smiling at Manchester United fans’ Sideshow Bob jibes.

The Chelsea defender David Luiz has told friends that he was laughing at a Manchester United supporter who berated him as “Sideshow Bob”, the character from The Simpsons to whom he bears a resemblance, in the moments after he was fouled by Rafael da Silva on Sunday at Old Trafford.” The Independent

How naive does he actually think we are?

David Luiz knew exactly what he was doing and there was nothing funny about it. It was a rash challenge worthy of the red card and he can paint it whatever which way he wants to but it all boils down to him trying to get Rafael, his fellow Brazilian, sent off.

Rafael Benitez might not have seen it (yes, he pulled the Wenger) but everybody else did. Not much has been made of Luiz’ flying elbow that caught Rafael moments beforehand but Ferguson pulled him up on it.

“He [Rafael] retaliates but [Luiz] quite clearly elbows him twice then rolls about like a dying swan and that convinces the referee.

“He was smiling. It’s bad. What kind of professional is that?”

David Luiz collides with Jake ReevesLuiz doesn’t exactly have the best of records himself when it comes to discipline and tackles. As Ray Wilkins pointed out after the game, Luiz has a tendency to fling his elbows regularly and get away with it.

But there is no getting away with his sinister smile that Sergio Busquets and Didier Drogba would be proud of.

He might not be called Bob but he is quickly becoming a Sideshow of a defender.


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Thor 05/07/2013 - 08:46

What about buttner’s elbow on azpilicueta?? What about fellaini’s continous elbow on liverpool players?? Or ferdinand stupid shove on torres backhead in fa cup??…why are you guys not talking about that?instead you focus on a there any law that a player must cry when fouled??,rafael was stupid and that says it all.webb has not even given a card when luiz smiled so insinuatin he smiled because of the “redcard” bothers on can love manutd but please lets leave personal bias and be objective for once.

Rafa the Gaffer 05/07/2013 - 08:37

You Manure fans are nearly as laughable as Rudolphs nose is red.

Ronaldo was the biggest cheat the premiership has ever seen, but none of you had a problem with that.

desmond 05/07/2013 - 08:18

so you guys expected Luiz to cry after been trampled upon by Rafael?? Only God knows where you see Luiz elbowing him.. Typical lying Manure fans

Queuewhy 05/07/2013 - 07:16

Rupert u are right but macheda also scored with his hand after drogba’s offside goal

danny 05/07/2013 - 07:07

red rupert makes an excellent point……the media does have a tendency to only focus on or highlight decisions that go uniteds way……its because the media is fiercely pro liverpool and the media is up their backsides…….its the same as sexism racism etc where the media only ever points out white hetero sexual men being either racist or sexist and ignores when other groups do it….sadly people fall for it…i have noticed since the media and the scousers painted webb pro united he has reffed as if he wants to paint the exact opposite image now..i can understand webb…its like when a man gets accused of sexism when he hasnt been sexist….instead of getting angry and denying it he starts bumbling about how wonderful women are and how greatly he respects them and hopes the accusations will go away if he says enough nice things…..the media manipulates people in very cynical ways……..the common football fan is too ignorant to see that the media does this against united…..take andy gray when united played west brom years ago…….west brom should have had a penalty in the first half when gary neville tripped a west brom player in the box…….for the rest of the half gray ceased to talk about anything else football related except that decision that west brom should have got…….there were goals as well in the half…….but gray continually and solely focused on the non penalty…playing to the court whipping up the anti united bias to try and get favour no doubt……then in the second half united had an equally valid penalty turned down for an handball…..restores the balnace???? no not in andy grays mind…he mentioned it for a full 60 seconds and then continued to mention the earlier one brom didnt get……..thankfully karma bit him in the backside when he got sack for very little at sky……not nice when ur on the recieving end is it andy??

feleke berhanu 05/07/2013 - 05:19

liuz not profestional player he is kid and bullshit player.

Red Rupert 05/07/2013 - 04:38

good piece – the media, and refs for that matter, are always slow to pick up on the original offender before suddenly becoming a disciplinarian with the retaliating victim of the original offence. It has always been the case with refs but the media have the advantage of camera angles and replays. The difference is, the media are very selective about what they highlight and what they don’t. There has been some comment about Luis, which is encouraging but past meetings with Chelsea have seen them enjoy a lot of favourable decisions without media comment, noticeably, Drogba’s glaringly offside title-winning “goal” at Old Trafford. Webb is now under pressure because he rightly sent two Chelsea players off earlier in the season and of course, the media have painted him as pro-United. Predictably, he hasn’t given us a thing in subsequent matches he has reffed.

Prince 05/07/2013 - 04:18

Normally i don’t give these sorry articles an ounce of respect. However i feel the need to make an exception to the rule this time. I’m not even going to get into the ”this article is biased argument” because it most certainly is [well it’s from a manure fan anyway]. Your claim of Luiz trying to get Rafael sent off is not only stupid but damn well laughable. Firstly i’m not advocating Luiz’s tendency to fling his arms however Rafael’s red card is entirely his fault no matter how much he thinks Luiz wound him up, you simply do not kick out at someone with an official just 2-3 feet away; that is just blatantly stupid. Now let’s get to the smile if you knew any better you’d know Luiz is one player who always plays with a smile on his face. Taking into account the fact that the incident occurred right in-front of the united fans do ask yourself; how much abuse do you think he would have received?? So he decides to laugh it off rather than stick his middle finger to your sorry faces and he’s a villain?? grow up.

Jarrod 05/07/2013 - 04:12

To say he was rolling around would be an over statement. Does anyone remember back to the manu Liverpool game last yr. I think it was Nani who dived in front of Gerrard! probably the worst epl dive in history as it shows. Oh then he dived again whilst gerrard was talking to ref with no one near him hahahaha. Typical fish united supporters. Anyone would laugh at Man U supporters trying to say something intelligent to Luiz.
Great club not to mention Giggs with his bro wife. Yeh great track record Man U.

bipper 05/07/2013 - 03:41

Who the hell cares – Roy Keane?


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