BREAKING: David Moyes confirmed as Manchester United manager

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has officially been confirmed as Manchester United’s new manager after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday.

Manchester United released a statement confirming that Moyes will leave Everton at the end of the season and that Moyes will start on July 1.

The 50-year-old Scot will take up arguably the most difficult job in the history of football this summer.

His appointment comes just 24 hours after the announcement of Ferguson’s retirement in what is a swift move by the club to avoid speculation.

Moyes’ first game in charge of United in the Community Shield in August against Manchester City or Wigan.

Ferguson had long been an admirer of Moyes and he would of had a massive say in his appointment at the club.

Many fans will question Moyes’ ability at the top level given that he hasn’t won a trophy in 11 years but if Ferguson feels he is the right man for the job, I trust him.

Speaking last night on Sky Sports, Gary Neville backed that sentiment up and said he felt the Moyes appointment was right for multiple reasons.

“If you look at David Gill’s comments about understanding the history of the club in promoting the youth and tradition, you have to understand that whoever comes in will not be a quick fix,” he said.

“He will be allowed to develop. There will be pressure but he will be given time to get through those.

“Moyes suits the role. They want someone from the same background as Ferguson and Busby, and it seems that Moyes fits the bill.”

I agree with him. Moyes might not be proven at the highest level but he has proven himself well under a budget and has always promoted youth. The parallels between Moyes, Ferguson and Busby are certainly there.

If ever there was a season of transition for United, it is this year. Ferguson’s retirement is going to leave a gaping chasm behind him and Moyes has now been tasked with the unenviable mission of following the impossible.

As Neville pointed out, Moyes will not be a quick fix and his arrival will certainly require patience given that he is walking into a dressing room that has had the same manager for 26 years. It is going to be like walking into someone else’s home.

Although Ferguson went three years without a trophy, United were a different animal altogether back then languishing at the bottom of the First Division. It is unlikely Moyes would get as much time as that.

But regardless, I will stand 100% in support behind Moyes and so should every fan. The next era begins.

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