Manchester United won’t bring Ronaldo home

by Sam Peoples

Twitter has been littered today with talk about Bring United Home, a fan driven ‘venture’ that is trying to raise £100 million to fund the return of Cristiano Ronaldo at home.

Each £10 payment counts as a pledge down-payment on buying a Ronaldo #7 shirt from the megastore and when the money has been raised, all the money will be passed onto the club.

Call me a cynic but this looks like a dressed up version of an email from an anonymous source claiming that I have won $100,000,000 in a South African lottery draw that needed all my bank details to transfer the money over.


But the horrifying thing is, there are plenty of people foolish enough to pay up it seems. According to the counter on the website, they have had over 3,800 pledges meaning that £38,000 has already been banked.

Is it legitimate? Bring Ronaldo Home claim to be working under the corporate umbrella of of Equius Ltd and say they are being audited by Deloitte LLP, one of the worlds largest auditing companies. The Daily Mail has written a couple of articles on the venture too. But it looks like smoke and mirrors to me with no real guarantees anywhere and it gets fishy when you look at it at face value.

“There will be huge disappointment and fun will be returned to fans less administration fees which are mostly made up of PayPal fees and auditing fees.”

“Administration fees”. They haven’t specified how much the administration fees will be so they can be as much as they want to be – even the whole £10. There is absolutely no guarantee that you would get your money back when the movement failed.

This viral project may have good intentions – but I very much doubt it. They won’t be getting my £10 and I’d recommend you to donate yours to charity if you really want to spend it.

Ronaldo isn’t going to come home.

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