PICTURE: Dortmund use Solskjaer’s shirt to taunt Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

Photo: Twitter/101GreatGoals

Borussia Dortmund have started their mind games with Bayern Munich ahead of their UEFA Champions League final clash by putting a replica Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 1999 shirt in their club museum to taunt their rivals. Genius.

Solskjaer still remains as one of my all time favourite United players both for his infectious attitude and sheer goalscoring ability, the latter of which Bayern Munich know all too well.

And the Norwegian, who was one of Ferguson’s best ever signings after joining as an unknown in 1996 before going on to score 129 goals, admitted he was stunned by the news of Ferguson’s retirement earlier this week.

“The 14 and a half years I spent with the boss [as a player and coach] were the greatest of my career,” he said.

“I learnt from the best. He was a father figure for all of us – it’s amazing how many players he has brought through the system. He has been an inspiration to everyone.”

There are few better moments in United’s history than that goal by Solskjaer to seal the treble in 1999 and equally so, I’m sure there are no few worse moments in Bayern Munich’s history.

Is this their moment? Beckham into Sheringham…AND SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!”




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