Is this goodbye from Wayne Rooney?

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that Wayne Rooney‘s second transfer request in three years has left him confused as to why he wants to leave.

The 27-year-old’s request was made public soon after Ferguson’s retirement announcement and has once again split the fans down the middle.

But Ferguson has no interest in the situation and knows that David Moyes will deal with the situation as soon as he arrives at the club.

“I haven’t spoken to David about it. I’m sure he’ll address it when he gets here,” Ferguson said.

“I’ve no idea [why Wayne wants to leave]. It’s not my department. I’m no longer interested in that.

“David is going to deal with that and he quite rightly wants to deal with it. I’m happy with that.”

The last time Roone handed in a transfer request back in 2010, he backtracked after drawn out negotiations with the club saw him get a bumper pay day but he humiliated Ferguson, he was publicly hurt.

“It was a shock,” Ferguson said on Rooney‘s transfer request back in 2010.

“I couldn’t believe it because in early discussions in March, he intimated he wanted to stay and sign a life contract.

“He was happy at the club, he was at the club at the world and I must say it was terribly disappointing to get the news. I couldn’t understand it.

“I had a meeting with him and he intimated to me in his own way that he wanted to leave.”

Sounds strikingly similar to the current situation Rooney has once again left United in but instead of it being dropped at the feet of Ferguson, it will be left for Moyes to deal with.

The 50-year-old has not had the best relationship with Rooney in the past having reluctantly sold him to United in 2004. He also sued Rooney in 2007 for allegations made in his autobiography.

For me, Ferguson leaving was the only way that Rooney was ever going to stay. His frayed relationship with the boss was always hidden under claims of a lack of ambition but I think it was obvious that was the cause.

Now that Ferguson has left, I can see Rooney backtracking for the second time because under Moyes he can get a fresh start. There’s no way he can try and pull out the ambition excuse this time given the parade he witnessed last Monday.

Rooney may have begun to rebuild the bridges he burned back in 2010 but he has now taken an axe to them. How can fans stand by him after handing in a second transfer request in just three years?

The problem is that Rooney is a world beater on his day. The even bigger problem is that you don’t see that often enough.

If Rooney left the club and United spent well, I can’t see it affecting us too much given that Kagawa is ready to fill his shoes in the #10 spot but at the same time, if he decides to stay and knuckle down, who is to say he can’t once again become that terrier of a player we all once loved?

Never will be there be a player at United like Rooney again in terms of splitting fan opinion. He sits fourth in our all-time goalscorers list and should be considered a legend. He was by all back in 2010 but through his own undoing he tossed that status into the trash.

Is it now time for United to cut their losses on a player who clearly doesn’t love United despite claiming he does so many times?

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