David Moyes sends personal message to Sir Alex Ferguson

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has sent his personal thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson ahead of his last game in charge of Manchester United against West Brom.

“I would like to remind you this club stood by me in bad times, the players and the staff. Your job now is to stand by the new manager.” Sir Alex Ferguson

At his last home game, Ferguson made sure that the Old Trafford faithful gave Moyes their full backing in his rousing final farewell speech.

And Moyes admitted that he had no idea Ferguson was going to say that in his last speech as United manager at Old Trafford.

‘I knew nothing about what he was going to say but it was nice to hear it. Hopefully it will make my arrival a little bit easier,’ said Moyes to the Daily Mail. 

‘I’d give the same message to Everton fans about whoever follows me. It is really important that Everton, whoever their new manager is, welcome him like Sir Alex has done, to keep things strong at the club.”

Today will be the 71-year-old’s 1500th and final game in charge of United when he walks out against West Brom at The Hawthorns in what is sure to be an emotional day for everyone associated with United.

And when Moyes takes over from Ferguson as United manager in July, he has already been warned by Ferguson what differences to expect.

With a big job comes big responsibilities and the fan base, sponsors and board of directors will all be scrutinising Moyes’ every move.

Unfortunately for Moyes, his family has already suffered the bad side of publicity after a fake Twitter account was set up in his daughter’s name.

He continued: “My family know I’m ambitious and I’ve always wanted to try to get to the best level I can. I’ll be as up front and straight as I possibly can and hope that I’ll be able to answer as many questions possible that get asked.

“A lot has already been said about me and some of it has been rubbish. There was a false Twitter account for my daughter and she was distraught by it, because it wasn’t her.

“But what can you really do? I can’t answer everything that is said but I’ll do the best I can. I will try to answer the questions as straight as I can and try not to change.”

Moyes did a fantastic job at Everton for 11 years but taking the hot seat at United is a completely different kettle of fish.

He will walk into a baptism of fire at United thanks to Rooney’s transfer request and unlike most managers, there is a lot more pressure added onto the job.

Most managers take up jobs because their predecessor failed in some respect. For Moyes it is the opposite. He is walking into a management role that has become available through retirement rather than failings and that makes his position more difficult.

But Ferguson has given Moyes his personal backing as the new manager of United and that is enough for me. He does have great parallels with Ferguson and if the 71-year-old Scot feels he is the right man to follow in his job, then he is the right man for me.

Although, all eyes are firmly on today’s game against West Brom to see if United can give Ferguson the final farewell he truly deserves.

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