PICTURE: This is why Van Persie was right to leave Arsenal for United

by Sam Peoples


On the same day that Robin van Persie secured the Golden Boot with his 30th goal of the season at the end of a Premier League winning campaign, Arsenal celebrated securing fourth place like it was a trophy.

Van Persie has suffered abuse from Arsenal fans after making the move to United this season in a £24 million deal but if Arsenal are celebrating finishing fourth ahead of Tottenham Hotspur like it is a trophy, then they can’t argue against his choice.

And despite Arsenal fans chanting filth about Van Persie’s rape allegations at Old Trafford, he showed respect when he scored against them both at Old Trafford and the Emirates.

Arsenal aren’t title contenders any more and the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Song and van Persie all leaving indicate that. Although, I do miss the bitter rivalry we shared back in the days of Keane vs Viera when we both ran tit-for-tat at the top of the table.

30 goals, a Premier League title and a very happy little boy inside of him? I’d say Van Persie made the right decision.

Photo: Twitter/Alex_OxChambo

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Fysh 05/20/2013 - 21:44

Its sad how arsenal players celebrate 4th plce! Shows how useless their manager is and greatness of his brainwashing abilities. Its the very best his team will achieve….ever! By the way…word has it that Fabregas cud be comming to Man U…who’s the joker now you dumb ass arsenal fans…I also believe. Arsenal traded trophy cabinet in for money box instead…..its all they play for nowadays…..bloody bafoons!

Mancman 05/20/2013 - 13:05

4th place champions….champions league qualifying round…..whoop whoop….would piss myself if you got knocked out in the qualifying round. Bunch of under achieving over hyped tarts

nurow bin moha 05/20/2013 - 12:40

r.v.p de magic striker

nurow bin moha 05/20/2013 - 12:38

hahaha i lyk ua coment r.v.p mek de right choice to leave de gunners

tj 05/20/2013 - 12:04

Celebrating a 4th place finish is about as good as it will ever get for arsenal from here on out

Everest 05/20/2013 - 07:22

Finishing above local rivals is the title U want him to be getting with U rght?. There is no doubt he dreams about what AFC nd their Fans dn’t dream of so he has to join the team that dreams his like, nothing much try and have a Title winning mentality and keep ur best players!!!.

Evra 3 05/20/2013 - 07:17

Nothing beats the look of pissed off le arse fans.
Oh well bitches
we do what we want cause we are man united

Everest 05/20/2013 - 07:05

Guy u lie RVP will make it, United as a Team and as a club is full with the winning mentality.

gentle 05/20/2013 - 06:19

sir. Alex is not gone, rather he os now man uniteds director, so its as if we now hav 2 coaches, so u arsenal fans should fuk off,cus we aer th champions #20 league title 4 united nd 13th 4 united =2013

jack 05/20/2013 - 05:54

A lot of sour arsenal fans commenting on this. Come back when you’ve won a trophy guys !! (It might be a while before they come back). Your jus but hurt yout beloved van persie left you an has already won the league title

Dela 05/20/2013 - 04:48

For the Arsenal fans who felt the need to come on here and lash out over this piece….

It was YOU LOT who started it. You lot who called him a mercenary even though he turned down Manchester City and the promise of more money. You lot claimed he would be injured all the time, only to have to sit back and watch him complete another full season. You lot who booed him twice even though he didn’t celebrate when he scored against you twice and even applauded you while you booed him. Not one word has he ever said bad about his time at Arsenal, and he’s always made it clear the reason he left, he wasn’t winning anything. The author of this blog post is only doing what he should as a fan, he’s backing his player and calling you out. Deal with it because we had to listen to it over Tevez before, not to mention the jubilation of every other fan in England when Ronaldo left.

Why don’t you blame your club’s owners instead?

Think about it, over the past short few years you have sold RvP, Fabregas, Nasri, Cliche and Song, and you didn’t replace them with like-for-like players, except perhaps for Cazorla, who is a fantastic player, and if nothing changes, you will eventually lose him and Theo Walcott too. But ye.. it’s all van Persie’s fault, right? It couldn’t be that either Wenger has gone completely insane in the transfer market or he is being short changed by his board every time they sell a player from under his feet?? No no, it’s van Persie, it’s his fault, he left because he’s just so evil, not because he watched all the talent around him being sold and not replaced….

But hey, at least you aren’t City or Chelsea fans. Chelsea fans saw Di Matteo sacked for failing to get into the last 16 of the champions league, then when Rafa was announced interim manager they treated HIM like total shit. I don’t like Rafa at all, but even I had to feel sorry for the abuse being hurled at him by fans who blamed him for Di Matteo’s exit.. and yet, I heard no chants about Abramovich, the man who actually FIRED DI MATTEO. I didn’t see any placards or flags insulting him at all.

And as for City, they sing about Mancini like he’s a God, and have all their flags and banners up, telling the media how disgusted they are that he’s gone but AGAIN.. where is the criticism of the Abu Dhabi Investment Group? Why won’t they come out and complain about the people who sacked him?

Same as with Chelsea… don’t UPSET the sugar daddy! Just be ready to get your knickers off when they want to fuck you, because if you don’t, then they might take their pot of gold somewhere else, and then it’s REALLY all over.

But I digress… to the commenter who claimed the author is smug… are you serious? I’ve seen us beaten to the premier league by Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn and City, and of those four rivals, NOBODY could match Arsenal for smug. Now of course, a lot of that came down to the bitter rivalry between United and Arsenal for those few years, but I remember van Nistelrooy being pushed around, I remember the abuse, the sheer hatred, the absolute colossal amount of smug, so fuck yeah I’ll point out that we won it 20 times to an Arsenal fan if I like, and the author of this blog can do so too.

Remember, Arsenal have been put up as the “Barcelona of England” and accepted it proudly… when in reality the last trophy was a better part of a decade ago. Don’t talk to us about Smug. Ye we rub it in when we’re on top, but that’s when we actually ARE champions. We lost it last year in the most painful way and then won it with 4 games to spare this year, and as much as I like RvP, we had TWENTY goalscorers in the league this year, a new record. We don’t have to hold punches when the whole fucking country roots against us.

shooy 05/20/2013 - 09:43

Some reasonable points in here amongst the bile, even if I disagree with sone of the unfounded assertions you make . But, why are YOU so angry? After all, you are Manchester United are you not?

Suhail 05/20/2013 - 12:40

Damn thats some essay…..

John 05/20/2013 - 03:42

Bitter arsenal fans! Van persie made the right decision and in the same situation we all would have done the same thing! Arsenal are celebrating champions league while van persie is at home with the winners medal! Where fo you think wilshere will be in the next year or to? not the emirates that for sure! As for the idiots saying that ‘no fergie, no chance’ you obviously dont know what your talking about, and i will bet arsenal do not get champions league football!

JOHNARSENAL 05/20/2013 - 12:03

You know it. I know it. Utd are a spent force withiut fergie. You will stilk compete of course. However, fergie won over 60% of your clubs trophies. Face facts your not as good any more. And for a club that has built its revenue plan on einning I think its going to have a huge impact.

Manzy 05/20/2013 - 01:39

Wow! Sooo much hate from arsenal fans! Why?

Soner Osman 05/19/2013 - 23:49

Van pussie smells. Hope he wins fuck all next season.

JOHNARSENAL 05/19/2013 - 23:41

I would worry about your top 4 spot next year. End of title winning teams for a while.

No fergie, no chance

Delhi Gooner 05/19/2013 - 23:30

You Sir can FUCK OFF!

F off 05/19/2013 - 23:08

Oh please, thats the joy of us finishing above local rivals tottenham. Arrogant manu fan!

zztop 05/19/2013 - 23:05

Greedy badger, fluffed his chances against real Madrid, went AWOL in the fa cup semi, and like le boss said, man u would have the prem without RVP. I say he doesn’t deserve what he’s on.

shooy 05/19/2013 - 22:56

Smug or what? It is rather easy to snipe from the position of supporting a club that has somehow become a national institution rather than just a football club (how the hell did that even happen?); a club that has consistently used its fortunate position over the years to cherry pick players from other clubs at prices and for wages that were beyond the reach of others, and in the process often de-stabilising its potential opposition. Mind you, I am old enough to remember when Manchester United were still by far the richest club in the country but were rubbish, so there was the odd time when sheer incompetence played a more significant role. I am acutely aware of Arsenal’s diminshed status in recent years and, yes, it hurts. Nevertheless, in the context of where we found ourselves this season, with the shock departure of van Persie – our erstwhile captain and “talisman” – to Manchester United of all clubs, it seems entirely reasonable to celebrate CL qualification, especially at the expense of bitter local rivals. RVP did what he wanted to do and clearly his decision has been vindicated with an immediate title. I do not condone Arsenal fans’ vile chanting against RVP no matter how bitter they may feel, but criticism of that is a bit rich coming from the supporter of a club whose fans have ritually abused Arsene Wenger in a quite disgusting way for season after season. As a Manchester United fan you will seldom if ever have experienced losing a player in his prime to a bigger predatory club in the same league as you. That hurts. Perhaps, having nurtured RVP through lean and injury ravaged years and having believed his professed devotion to the club, we were guilty of expecting too much from him. We even dared to dream that with the signings made and in the pipeline during the close season, he might end up making the difference that could bring Arsenal the title. Instead he made that vital difference at Old Trafford. Of course he made the right decision. He found his logical and spiritual home. Congrats on another title!

Soner Osman 05/19/2013 - 23:43

Well said.

sitesired 05/20/2013 - 05:52

I take all the points you have raised ,i do not agree with all of them .However RVP was leaving no matter what .The fact we came in for him after mcfc showed interest ,was a statement of intent after there gazumping of the bid for Nasari , the previous season . Any club worth its salt would of done the same . What has to be remembered is we have to compete in Europe against equally rich clubs with sunshine lifestyles . You have booked your place in grand style gaining a CL spot . Im happy RVP is a United player but he is only as good as the team he is in .The Baggies proved that .
As a United fan i have no truck with the insults thrown between fans but have to accept it exists . United did not shatter your Prem dream .The actions of a board .your owner and manager lead to the exits of players . Predatory club look in at mcfc remember T£v£Z .If money soley motivated RVP he would be playing in blue .

Ian Ure Face 05/19/2013 - 22:26

The little boy inside him was happy as spunked in the traitors rectum !.

Sid 05/19/2013 - 22:18

Bet van Persie’s soon asking for a move now he has got a manager who has never won jack.

Savour this moment, you will be as bitter as scousers soon enough.

caja te la boca 05/19/2013 - 22:14

As well as the 220000/week he trousered and the preferential treatment from refs (witness the elbow he got away with earlier in the season), plastic mancunian glory hunter.

Knighty 05/19/2013 - 22:04

It wasn’t Arsenal fans who started the song about RVP The Mancs (And others!) were singing it for years! Looking at the defensive records RVP’s goals may even have helped Arsenal to the title themselves, if he had stayed. As for celebrating 4th place I would be worried if they didn’t.

RedandDread 05/19/2013 - 22:01

Shame you didn’t have a picture of him rubbing horse placenta on his constantly crocked ankles whilst the club stood by him and paid his vast wages for 8 years. Anyway, RVP enjoy your trophy-we all know what you said and then did. Turncoat, traitor and complete sell out.


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