Wayne Rooney’s transfer saga takes new twist with claims of Ferguson lies

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that Wayne Rooney handed in his second transfer request in three years after his last game at Old Trafford.

But last night, The Mirror claimed that Wayne Rooney has denied handing in an official transfer request at all.

Wayne Rooney fears he is being forced out of Manchester United and into exile as Paris Saint-Germain. Rooney is adamant that he has NOT made an official transfer request, despite newly-retired manager Alex Ferguson publicly insisting that he HAD asked to leave the Old Trafford giants. Rooney fears the United fans may struggle to forgive him and it now seems almost certain that the 27-year-old will leave this summer.” The Mirror

Now, a few conclusions can be drawn from John Cross’ article last night. First of all, Ferguson lied and reliable journalists such as The Telegraph’s Mark Ogden and The Mirror’s David McDonnell got it wrong when they broke the story about Rooney handing in his transfer request.

Secondly, Rooney is lying and he did hand in a transfer request or thirdly, and given that there are no quotes in the article it is a more than plausible explanation, the story is made up entirely.

For me, I trust in Ferguson. He might not have had the best of relationships with Rooney but if there was one thing he wouldn’t do to the club before he left, it would be to leave it in a tricky situation. Lying about Rooney making a transfer request would have done exactly that.

Rooney must have the worst representation in football. The company who works with him don’t seem to have any idea how to handle him and the advice he gets is dismal. If he did hand his transfer request in, why would he do it right before the end of a title run in? It doesn’t make sense.

And if he didn’t hand in a request, why has it taken until now for the reports to be denied? Surely it would be in Rooney’s best interest to quash the rumours if they weren’t true. Instead, a dejected Rooney sat atop the bus on the parade and could hardly crack a smile.

This latest Rooney saga reeks already. Contrasting stories and rumours have already begun to surface and the window hasn’t even opened up yet.

The 27-year-old is clearly not happy at United right now, it isn’t hard to tell that from his body language. As I have said before, Ferguson’s departure is good for him because it means he can start fresh under Moyes for the second time and I’d be more than surprised if Moyes didn’t try his hardest to keep Rooney at the club.

But Rooney will have a tough time rebuilding bridges he has burned twice and I’d rather see Kagawa getting his preferred position than a sub-par Rooney being played by default. If he wants to leave, let him. The grass won’t be greener, he’ll soon realise that but unfortunately for Rooney, it will be too late by that point and United will have moved on without him. That’s how football works.

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Kizito rhymes edrine 05/23/2013 - 15:39

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Saf is pushing for rooney’s exit from utd. He still remembers very well how Rooney asked to leave Old traford when he very well knew that the team was relying on him after the departure of CR7. Asking to leave now shows he’s not happy at the club and at 27yrs with only two years left on his contract, Saf sees this as the only chance to sale him at a big amount now that the club can do without him. Am sure Saf has already discussed this with Moyes. Kagawa #10 next season.

Farouk Busuulwa 05/23/2013 - 04:29

Moyes should try as much as possible to keep Roony at Manchester. Sir Alex’s weakness was handling great players and that is better explained on how he pushed out Stam, Beckam, Veron. So let Moyes show us that he can capitalise on fagies weaknesses to take utd to glorry.

laye 05/23/2013 - 00:08

i am begging rooney to stay at united coz i will stop watching the game if he leaves.

Quis 05/23/2013 - 03:15

So who will you be watching next year? Cricket maybe?

Patrick Mwangi 05/30/2013 - 14:55

I had man city were looking for fans to fill up their stadium. You could join them.

felix turyasingura 05/22/2013 - 22:24

i believe roony can stay at club if requested to but if he insists let him go.Who would expect him to be great man after the departure of CR7?More stars yet to be shown up after his departure.Kagawa can shine,Welberk seems to be more talented if given time roony was given.I love u roony in a utd club but learn to appreciate the talents of ur team mates.Allow to be rested,allow to be substituted and consider other mates to have time in pitch.Thank fergie coz he gave u more than enough time in pitch.Big up to Fergie.

ed 05/22/2013 - 20:31

I thought Fergie said Rooney had asked to leave. I don’t recall him saying he had handed in an official transfer request?

Quis 05/23/2013 - 03:18

By asking he was tweaked the tigers tail. You know Fergie is going to talk to Moyes and tell him that Rooney’s agent is a hack and Rooney has issues with thinking.

Dee 05/22/2013 - 20:16

All I believe is that if there is anyone pushing Rooney out of Manutd then it is the English media with their gloss unprofessionalism. First, they begun running stories of how his relationship with the gaffer is broken without repair. Also, they made stories of Fergie’s intent on punishing Rooney for his first transfer request and now this crap. Rooney leaving the manutd for the French Ligue 1 will not bode well for Epl in general, He is one of the stars of the show and he should Stay. And thumbs up Samp for this article, at reading your heading at first I was readying myself to give you some stick as I had already read the crap elsewhere. But you did sooo well in treating the story maturely Cap off .

Abey 05/22/2013 - 16:12

I think Rooney is not a genuine United type of Player, I found it very painful and not forgettable when Rooney first handed transfer request. since then i have tried but fail to forgive him and I think the same appear to SAF mind. Rooney doesn’t love United that is simple truth. Cos he knew we solely relied on him and he wanna leave us stranded and United tried as much as possible to hold on him. but now we can do without him for sure. I can wait for him to leave united.
I want player that found playing for United a greatest opportunity not mercenary

pjch 05/22/2013 - 12:44

Should have typed Stam instead of Sam

samp 05/22/2013 - 12:45

I like to think I haven’t fallen foul of Ferguson!

pjch 05/22/2013 - 12:42

Beckham Sam RvN etal and now Rooney. All fall foul of Fergie and now Rooney faces the next stage in his career ether at OT or somewhere else. SAF may be the greatest manager ever but I feel the way he came out on tv and said Rooney was after a transfer was wrong. This is another example of the makeup of Fergie and one I do not like. He has left Rooney in a very poor position with the fans which will probably mean he leaves. This is a pity because Rooney has been mucked about far too much this season. Hes been played out of position on numerous occasions and OMG having Welbeck picked before him
Good luck Rooney in what you do next. You will still be playing football and earning a fortune(at OT I hope)

edhen 05/22/2013 - 06:20

Wayne, you are not guilty but, try to select the appropriate time to reveal your inner feelings. Also, choose the correct approach when facing some different type of personalities and especially, learn to be flexible. Stamp out the “i don’t care attitude” you do nurse in your veins. Digest first each situation as it comes and seek advise from “mature” guys or wise persons. for example: do you remember that you behaved irresponsibly by offending your sweet heart and mother of Kai and Klay, when going out with a certain prostitute? Coleen could have dumped you on the occasion, do you recall?
I recommend that you follow the good example of Giggsy, by putting yourself back to work and hard work in order to regain your fitness first and will be back on track again. Be open to accept constructive remarks as they will help you to rediscover yourself. Enjoy your life but take it to the limit.
Good luck.

Roman 05/22/2013 - 05:27

I thing is very looks like Ferguson, he just again put a player who has a rift with him into position when he might leave a club. Nobody staying in United after conflict with Fergie. And it was decision of Fergie not to play Rooney in the last games. I know Fergie is A GREAT GREAT LEGEND for the club, but for more than 20 years that I support United he did such things not once. I hope that Moyes will clear up this mess and keep the best player in a team.

edhen 05/22/2013 - 04:53

Oh dear dear, to handle such a critical situation, it requires a lot of ethics and dedication to the Rooney cause. For sure somebody between them committed that offense, but who? Hum, i recall freshly Beckham leaving or forced to leave man utd…The relationship between them is father (mentor) and son. I think, it’s an issue which requires a lot of diplomacy to resolve. But why crucify your son at such a critical time? Feggie went on to say: “i leave Rooney issue with DaM”. Quite a number of former utd players left the club on sad note always involving Feggie (do u recall some?). Does the father always has to resort to not saying the truth to sit his credibility when maiming his sons? Who to believe at the end? I read from an african common say:” My dad didn’t die but he was bunt in a hut”. Oh Jesus Christ, help our father to say the truth because I firmly believe that Rooney was simply crucified for obvious reasons proper to Feggie bulling and canning attitude. “The boy is not guilty until proved guilty beyond doubt, but somebody is”. Morality: “Mind the last kick of a dying donkey Rooney”. Let’s protect the wick side of this world for its survival, and not always “the Fittest”. Congrats to Klay on his arrival. (A mon avis)

Patrick Mwangi 05/30/2013 - 14:49

Can you write this in english, I would be much understandable.


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